Saturday, June 19

Eminem Says He Felt Like 'Bugs Bunny' In Rehab

Before Eminem even dropped Relapse last year, he announced plans release a follow-up called Relapse 2 — and then he totally changed his mind.

Instead, come June 21, fans will be able to pick up Em's new album Recovery (which was moved up a day after it leaked online). Eminem recently explained the meaning behind the album title in an interview withThe New York Times, revealing that it is a direct reference to managing his ongoing battle with prescription drugs.

"Vicodin, Valium and Ambien and, toward the end, which caused my overdose, methadone," Eminem told the Times when asked what he was recovering from. "I didn't know it was methadone. I used to get pills wherever I could. I was just taking anything that anybody was giving to me."

The hip-hop superstar also opened up about his stint in rehab. "The first time I went, it was in Brighton, Michigan," he said "The second time, I didn't go to rehab; I just went to a regular hospital. I detoxed in the hospital, and then I came home."

Coping with addiction is a demanding process, but due to his celebrity, Em had to deal with a unique set of challenges. The always candid MC said that he later chose to detox in a hospital because his outsize stardom affected the way his fellow addicts in rehab interacted with Em. "I couldn't go back to rehab. I felt like I was Bugs Bunny in rehab," Eminem said. "When Bugs Bunny walks into rehab, people are going to turn and look. People at rehab were stealing my hats and pens and notebooks and asking for autographs. I couldn't concentrate on my problem."

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Eminem Says 'Slim Shady' Wasn't Right for Recovery

Eminem burst on the scene in 1999 with The Slim Shady LP, which introduced the world to Marshall Mathers' manic, violent alter ego Slim Shady. Shady's mercurial behavior has captivated fans throughout Em's career, as Slim took cheeky shots at everyone from 'NSYNC to his own mentor Dr. Dre and murdered his longtime gal pal Kim (only on wax, of course). Recently, the amped-up Shady has taken a backseat to Eminem's candid rhymes about his struggles with fame and addiction. However, Em said that he hasn't completely killed the Shady persona; it's just not right for Recovery.

"Shady still exists. But I don't think the subjects on this record call for, you know, 'bring the chainsaws and axes out and murder everyone on this record,' " Em told The New York Times in a recent interview. "There was so much stuff like that off the last record that I felt like I was starting to run it into the ground. I think consciously I went in a different direction with this record."

Em has been given a hard time for his hard-hitting rhymes, but when the Times pressed the star about whether he had any regrets about using unsavory terms when referring to women, he maintained that he was simply expressing his feelings honestly.

"Anything I've ever said, I certainly was feeling at the time," Eminem said. "But I think I've calmed down a bit. My overall look on things is a lot more mature than it used to be." The star has certainly changed his outlook, as he mentioned in the same Times article, which will run in Sunday's issue, that he supports gay marriage.

Eminem's Recovery is set to hit stores June 21. The album was pushed up a day after the much-anticipated follow-up to Relapse leaked online earlier this month.

Do you want Slim Shady back, or are you happy Em is giving his alter ego a rest? Let us know in the comments!

Eminem Says He Supports Gay Marriage

In a new interview with The New York Times Magazine, Eminem declares that his "overall look on things is a lot more mature than it used to be," a statement that apparently extends to his views on gay marriage.

At one point during the piece — which will appear in the Sunday, June 20, issue of the mag — Em is asked by the Times' Deborah Solomon if he'd support a gay marriage bill in his home state of Michigan. Somewhat surprisingly, he said yes ... in his own, uniquely acerbic way, of course.

"I think if two people love each other, then what the hell?" Em answered. "I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want."

Throughout his career, Eminem has drawn the ire of gay rights groups, who called lyrics on his Marshall Mathers LP "homophobic and hateful" and protested his performance — and nominations — at the Grammy Awards in 2001. And late last year, he made headlines when "Elevator," from his Relapse: Refill album, found him calling Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert "f----ts."

Elsewhere in the Times interview, Eminem says that his newfound maturity had a lot to do with getting sober and, for the first time in his career, putting his maniacal Slim Shady persona on the shelf for his upcoming Recovery album.

"Shady still exists. But I don't think the subjects on this record call for, you know, bringing the chainsaws and axes out and murder[ing] everyone," he says. "There was so much stuff like that off the last record that I felt like I was starting to run it into the ground. I think consciously I went in a different direction with this record."

Eminem To Perform At The BET Awards

Well it looks like it's Eminem news day... According to multiple reports, Eminem will perform at this year's annual BET Awards, taking place in Los Angeles. The Detroit super-star will join a hit line-up that already includes Kanye West, T.I., Drake, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, and Diddy-Dirty Money, and more.

This performance will mark the first time that Eminem hsa appeared at the BET Awards since performing the "Touch It (Remix)" with Busta Rhymes, all the way back in 2006. The 10th annual BET Awards, hosted by Queen Latifah, will air on June 27th.

Wednesday, June 16

Eminem Enlists Sham Wow Guy For Recovery Ad

Now that Eminem has pushed up the release date of Recovery by a day to June 21 (following the album's leak last week), the Detroit rapper is pulling out the big guns to promote the disc.

In a new video ad called "Emwow" that looks calculated to go viral, Vince the ShamWow guy sets aside the miracle sponge for 30 seconds to sell you about the slice-it, dice-it wonders of the new Marshall Mathers disc. Wearing a black polo embroidered with the Recovery title and his signature headset, Vinny holds up the disc and announces, "Hey, it's Vince with Eminem's new album, Recovery, and you're gonna be clappin' when you hear Eminem rappin'."

He then demonstrates the "dozens of uses" for the disc, including slicing razor-thin tomatoes for your sandwich, serving as a drink coaster, a necklace for the ladies or even as bling for your garden hose (get it?). He even suggests cutting the disc in half (an unusual selling point for a CD, but we'll go with it) and using one part to slice cheese and the other to chop onions.

"Tacos, steak bone, silicone," Vince demonstrates, tossing aside a breast implant and oversharing, "I like mine real, so forget about it."

This being Eminem, the ad ends with some bathroom humor, as Vince announces a special bonus product thrown in for free, a feminine-hygiene product called the ShamPon.

The rapper surprised his fans at Activision's E3 party on Monday night in Los Angeles, bringing out guests Travis Barker and Rihanna to help him celebrate the upcoming release.

A spokesperson for Em's label said the album, which features guest spots from Pink and Lil Wayne in addition to Rihanna, will hit stores a day earlier than expected to satisfy the rapper's biggest supporters.

"We believe fans want to support their favorite artists by purchasing the real album and not a leaked version," Steve Berman, vice-chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M, said in a press release announcing the new date. "At the same time, we realize speed is of the essence when fans are so passionate about wanting to hear new songs from such an enormously popular artist like Eminem. ... Even by releasing Recovery only a day earlier than previously announced, it makes a difference to those fans."

What do you think of the "Emwow" ad? Does it make you more likely to buy the new disc? Sound off in the comments.

Eminem's Recovery Album Moved Up

The release date for Eminem's new "Recovery" album has been moved up. According to multiple reports, including Eminem himself, the album will hit stores on Monday, June 21st. Eminem wrote on his twitter account yesterday, "It's true. RECOVERY goes on-sale Monday, 6/21 now. #recovery."

Thursday, June 10

Eminem Keeping June 22 Recovery Release Date, Despite Leak

Eminem changed the rules regarding traditional Tuesday album releases in the past, when the MC would push up the date by weeks after his projects were bootlegged or leaked online.

Now, with his forthcoming Recovery set having hit the Web two weeks early, the rapper has reportedly decided to keep the same June 22 release date.

According to
, a representative for Em confirmed the date would stay the same despite the album being available illegally. Damn,this can affect the first week sales of the album.

An Interscope Records spokesperson was unavailable at press time when contacted by MTV News.

Recovery arrived online and via blogs earlier this week, following the lead single "Not Afraid" and the Pink-assisted "Won't Back Down."

The first video from the project, "Not Afraid," premiered Saturday and departs from the rapper's usual satirical efforts.

Last month, Eminem revealed the track list for Recovery, and the rapper chose to work with Lil Wayne, Pink and Rihanna for the project.

In the past, he's kept his circle of collaborators short, mostly limited to the Shady/Aftermath camp, including Dr. Dre and 50 Cent.

For this collection, however, Eminem chose to work with a bevy of new contributors, such as producers Just Blaze, Jim Jonsin, and DJ Khalil.

"A lot of good music is being made [by Eminem]," Just Blaze told earliar.[Read it]. "He's really back spitting. The wordplay is crazy, the metaphors are crazy. He's really back on his game. He had his ups, he had his downs, he's back way, way, way up. This is definitely going to be up there with the best of his albums, for sure, for sure. The fact that he's branched out working with a lot of different people now, collaborating in a lot of different ways that he never has before, I think he's going to surprise a lot of people."

Eminem's U.K. Freestyle 'Took Us Back,' Royce Da 5'9" Says

Royce Da 5'9" is back in his hometown Detroit. He just came back from an overseas trip alongwith Eminem, Alchemist and kon artis.

"It was great, man," Royce, on the phone from his house in Detroit, said of the trip, which was a press run in support of Em's Recovery. "I was going around them and soaking up game. I think it's phenomenal how [Eminem manager] Paul Rosenberg can be around us joking one minute, and then the next second, he's on the phone handling business and dealing with point people. It's so tight. I peep the way they do things, the way Em knocks shit out without complaining. It teaches me a lot. It's like being a fly on the wall. You about to be a part of something special. I truly feel that Em is about to go on a crazy run. The album is phenomenal. I see a pattern, and I'm glad to be a part of it. We had a great time over there. All work."

Royce, who started a friendship with Em back in the mid '90s, is soon to be an official member of the Shady roster. The long-talked-about Slaughterhouse/ Shady Records deal is in the fourth quarter, Royce said. One of the highlights of the trips overseas was a stop off at Tim Westwood's radio show, where Royce, Em and Porter kicked three verses apiece.

"You know what's crazy? Denaun was like, 'We should just do two verses. The three verses is going to be too long,' " Royce said. "Em was the one pushing for three verses. He was like, 'Let's do three verses.' I'm like, 'Damn, he must really wanna get these off.' When I heard them, I knew why he wanted to spit them. When we did it, it was fun. It took us back. When we got on the jet going back, we was talking the whole way about that sh--. That sh-- reminded me of back in the day when we used to go in. Me and Em got an 11-minute freestyle on Stretch Armstrong's show 10 years ago. It took us back to that. It was like we was kids again. It was fun."

Royce just released his new mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid, Bar Exam 3: The Most Interesting Man in the World.

So this means bad meets evil,deadly team is back again.....

Eminem Admits Being Jealous Of Lil Wayne, Kanye West On 'Talkin' 2 Myself'

Eminem dived into the depths of his drug dependency for his last album, Relapse, and on his forthcoming Recovery, he continues to speak on some of the low points in his life. On the track "Talkin' 2 Myself ft kobe," eminem admits being jealous of Lil Wayne's and Kanye West's rising prominence.

He said on the dj khlil produced track that he almost made a track dissing kanye and lil wayne because he was jealous of the attention they both were getting.They were spitting and eminem was doing drugs.

But EM backed away when he realized he wouldn't have been much of an opponent, in his condition.

"I would have had my ass handed to me" he spits, acknowledging his respect for their craft.

Recovery is slated for a June 22 release despite its leak to the internet on Tuesday (June 8).

Eminem, Lil Wayne Trade Tough-Guy Rhymes On 'No Love'

Eminem and Lil Wayne toss lyrical salvos on their Recovery collaboration, "No Love,"produced by just blaze which arrived online Tuesday (June 8), leaked to the Web with the rest of Em's album.

Just Blaze produced the angst-ridden number, which, somewhat surprisingly, samples the Haddaway dance track "What Is Love?" better known as the theme for the "Night at the Roxbury" sketches on "Saturday Night Live" than for its rap cred. On the menacing track, though, Wayne and Em swap tough-guy rhymes.

Eminem asks for kanye to come and snatch the mic from whack cocksucker rappers due to the infamous incident b/w kanye and taylor swift in which kanye said-ima let ya finish ya,but beyonce got the best videos of all time

The track marks the first time the two have specifically traded rhymes as a pair on one track. On Drake's "Forever," the two guest MCs were joined by Kanye West. And although Em and Wayne appeared together on "Drop the World," off the Young Money star's rock-leaning effort, Rebirth, Wayne wasn't rapping as much as singing (aided by Auto-Tune).

Eminem said about lil wayne in a recent interview in europe:-
"I've always respected what Wayne does, and Wayne, to me, is definitely one of the greatest in the game right now," Em said.

Eminem also asked weezy to keep his head up in his song talkin to myself ft kobe.