Wednesday, June 16

Eminem Enlists Sham Wow Guy For Recovery Ad

Now that Eminem has pushed up the release date of Recovery by a day to June 21 (following the album's leak last week), the Detroit rapper is pulling out the big guns to promote the disc.

In a new video ad called "Emwow" that looks calculated to go viral, Vince the ShamWow guy sets aside the miracle sponge for 30 seconds to sell you about the slice-it, dice-it wonders of the new Marshall Mathers disc. Wearing a black polo embroidered with the Recovery title and his signature headset, Vinny holds up the disc and announces, "Hey, it's Vince with Eminem's new album, Recovery, and you're gonna be clappin' when you hear Eminem rappin'."

He then demonstrates the "dozens of uses" for the disc, including slicing razor-thin tomatoes for your sandwich, serving as a drink coaster, a necklace for the ladies or even as bling for your garden hose (get it?). He even suggests cutting the disc in half (an unusual selling point for a CD, but we'll go with it) and using one part to slice cheese and the other to chop onions.

"Tacos, steak bone, silicone," Vince demonstrates, tossing aside a breast implant and oversharing, "I like mine real, so forget about it."

This being Eminem, the ad ends with some bathroom humor, as Vince announces a special bonus product thrown in for free, a feminine-hygiene product called the ShamPon.

The rapper surprised his fans at Activision's E3 party on Monday night in Los Angeles, bringing out guests Travis Barker and Rihanna to help him celebrate the upcoming release.

A spokesperson for Em's label said the album, which features guest spots from Pink and Lil Wayne in addition to Rihanna, will hit stores a day earlier than expected to satisfy the rapper's biggest supporters.

"We believe fans want to support their favorite artists by purchasing the real album and not a leaked version," Steve Berman, vice-chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M, said in a press release announcing the new date. "At the same time, we realize speed is of the essence when fans are so passionate about wanting to hear new songs from such an enormously popular artist like Eminem. ... Even by releasing Recovery only a day earlier than previously announced, it makes a difference to those fans."

What do you think of the "Emwow" ad? Does it make you more likely to buy the new disc? Sound off in the comments.


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