Monday, May 3

Jim Jonsin On Eminem's "Recovery"

Jim Jonsin said-"I heard some songs, he played me some music and it was incredible," Jonsin said about working with Em. "I can say he was great to work with, super cool and laid back, funny guy too, he's got jokes. The music that we did together, I was hoping to do more than the one record we have and I believe we have a very strong song, it could be a single...To me, he's got something strong and I just want to leave it at that...It's a real song, it's different for myself, the direction. It's a direction I haven't gone yet...He knows what he wants. He kinda knows as far as even from the mixing standpoint. He's on it...He let us do our thing but he did his thing and gave us some insight. He had some questions about the lyrics because he can be a bit aggressive and ask if it can be used for radio -- I'm in there with Eminem, so my thing is this guy is a superstar...The guy is very talented."


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