Thursday, June 10

Eminem, Lil Wayne Trade Tough-Guy Rhymes On 'No Love'

Eminem and Lil Wayne toss lyrical salvos on their Recovery collaboration, "No Love,"produced by just blaze which arrived online Tuesday (June 8), leaked to the Web with the rest of Em's album.

Just Blaze produced the angst-ridden number, which, somewhat surprisingly, samples the Haddaway dance track "What Is Love?" better known as the theme for the "Night at the Roxbury" sketches on "Saturday Night Live" than for its rap cred. On the menacing track, though, Wayne and Em swap tough-guy rhymes.

Eminem asks for kanye to come and snatch the mic from whack cocksucker rappers due to the infamous incident b/w kanye and taylor swift in which kanye said-ima let ya finish ya,but beyonce got the best videos of all time

The track marks the first time the two have specifically traded rhymes as a pair on one track. On Drake's "Forever," the two guest MCs were joined by Kanye West. And although Em and Wayne appeared together on "Drop the World," off the Young Money star's rock-leaning effort, Rebirth, Wayne wasn't rapping as much as singing (aided by Auto-Tune).

Eminem said about lil wayne in a recent interview in europe:-
"I've always respected what Wayne does, and Wayne, to me, is definitely one of the greatest in the game right now," Em said.

Eminem also asked weezy to keep his head up in his song talkin to myself ft kobe.


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