Thursday, June 10

Eminem's U.K. Freestyle 'Took Us Back,' Royce Da 5'9" Says

Royce Da 5'9" is back in his hometown Detroit. He just came back from an overseas trip alongwith Eminem, Alchemist and kon artis.

"It was great, man," Royce, on the phone from his house in Detroit, said of the trip, which was a press run in support of Em's Recovery. "I was going around them and soaking up game. I think it's phenomenal how [Eminem manager] Paul Rosenberg can be around us joking one minute, and then the next second, he's on the phone handling business and dealing with point people. It's so tight. I peep the way they do things, the way Em knocks shit out without complaining. It teaches me a lot. It's like being a fly on the wall. You about to be a part of something special. I truly feel that Em is about to go on a crazy run. The album is phenomenal. I see a pattern, and I'm glad to be a part of it. We had a great time over there. All work."

Royce, who started a friendship with Em back in the mid '90s, is soon to be an official member of the Shady roster. The long-talked-about Slaughterhouse/ Shady Records deal is in the fourth quarter, Royce said. One of the highlights of the trips overseas was a stop off at Tim Westwood's radio show, where Royce, Em and Porter kicked three verses apiece.

"You know what's crazy? Denaun was like, 'We should just do two verses. The three verses is going to be too long,' " Royce said. "Em was the one pushing for three verses. He was like, 'Let's do three verses.' I'm like, 'Damn, he must really wanna get these off.' When I heard them, I knew why he wanted to spit them. When we did it, it was fun. It took us back. When we got on the jet going back, we was talking the whole way about that sh--. That sh-- reminded me of back in the day when we used to go in. Me and Em got an 11-minute freestyle on Stretch Armstrong's show 10 years ago. It took us back to that. It was like we was kids again. It was fun."

Royce just released his new mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid, Bar Exam 3: The Most Interesting Man in the World.

So this means bad meets evil,deadly team is back again.....


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