Wednesday, June 17

‘Please listen to rapper Eminem’

MINISTER of Tourism and Environmental Affairs Macford Sibandze caused a stir at Mantenga Cultural Village on Saturday evening when he urged people to take their time and listen to United States’ rapper, Eminem.

Eminem is famous for foul language, but he has sold millions of albums despite that. He normally chooses his targets well, which perhaps explains his success. In his speech, the Minister said he often found inspiration from some of Eminem's verses. The gathering justifiably responded with laughter.

However, Eminem was not the only artist whom the minister referred to on the day as he also picked a line from one of Peter Tosh's songs, which implies that one may not know what he is looking for, only to find that thing is within him.

Sibandze seemed to be on the roll as far as quotes were concerned as he also quoted Shakespeare and relayed his messages well to the audience. He also used a very complicated word, which appeared to be a mix of Spanish and Belgian. Unfortunately, the author cannot repeat the word here for fear of victimisation.

On a cold night at Mantenga Cultural Village, the food was out of this world, the dancers very charming, the people cheerful, and the beer definitely flowed like the Nile.



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