Monday, June 1

Jonah Hill Catches Up With New Friend Eminem

onah Hill and Eminem used this year's as a way to catch up — and to reveal their friendship to the world.

The pair were spotted talking backstage, and when Hill stopped to talk to MTV News, he told us they're friends and mutual fans.

"Eminem says his favorite movie is 'Superbad,' ever of all time," Hill said. "And he said to me, I'm not kidding — this is not like me being, 'I'm cool' — he said if there was an award for best movie ever, he thinks 'Superbad' should win. He quotes all the scenes to me."

The pair have become friends through "Funny People," the next Judd Apatow flick starring Adam Sandler. "We just worked together on a little secret project," he said of the Movie Awards performer. "He's in 'Funny People,' and he's, like, an awesome guy, so when I saw him, he's like, 'Come back and hang out,' so we went back in the trailer. Me and all his friends talked for a while, and he's really cool. He's a really awesome guy."

On Saturday, Eminem told MTV News he's looking for the right script to get back into acting. Hill thinks comedy is the right direction for Em. "He said he loved doing comedy," Hill said. "And that he really enjoyed it and improvising."



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