Friday, February 12

Tony Yayo wants eminem on Gunit tour

In a couple of weeks, the G-Unit will be heading overseas for an international tour. Tony Yayo is hoping at least Slim Shady will be on the road with them.

Yayo said"I'm not sure if Eminem is gonna be a part of the bill," Yayo said recently in New York. "I know 50 wants to go out and do the U.S. tour. It would be an honor if Em came out. Shout to Em, the whole D12, everybody out there.

"My best experience was AMT3[Ney York] with 50 and Eminem," Yayo added. "They was killing each other on the tour, it was crazy. That was an ill tour. Em comes out, Fif comes out, D12, Proof was still alive — rest in peace to Proof. That's one of the best hype men ever."

He threw another name in the mix. "You know what? I would love to see Eminem, Dre and 50 do a big tour, so I could make millions of dollars," he said. "I'll be a stagehand and work in the back. I wouldn't even care. I know I'll make a million dollars lifting stuff. It's an honor to be in their presence."

"With guys like Em and Dre and Fif, these guys got busy schedules," the Queens native said. "Em is working on another album. Fif got about 15 movies; he's working on another movie right now called 'The Gun.' Dre — come on, man, you see them Dr. Dre headphones selling like hot cakes everywhere you go. Those guys are busy guys. I feel blessed I could say that I know Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. A lot of artists beg to do a song with Eminem, beg to do a song with 50 Cent, beg to do a song with Dre — I've experienced all those worlds."


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