Monday, June 1

Eminem Rocks MTV Movie Awards With Energetic Medley

The musical performances at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards got off to an energetic start as Eminem took the stage to perform a medley of two songs from his brand-new album, Relapse.

Capping off a stirring comeback five years after his last record, Em took the stage to perform his first two singles off the new album, "We Made You" and "Crack a Bottle."

Dressed in jeans, white sneakers, white hoodie, vest and cap, the rapper stepped down the stage's staircase and pumped his fist as he launched into "We Made You," telling the crowd he was "back by popular demand." Staying behind Em on the steps throughout the performance was a big band that included drums, sax, trumpet and trombone. The crowdmembers immediately came to their feet and it seemed as if Slim Shady had never been away at all.

For the next song, he announced to the crowd that this was "the moment you've all been waiting for," presenting a vigorous version of "Crack a Bottle." Em stalked around the stage, slapping hands with eager audience members as digital lyrics flashed on and off on the steps behind him.

As the second track came to a close, the rapper said thank you, flashed the peace sign and headed away, surely leaving the crowd hoping he won't be gone for long this time around.



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