Thursday, April 30

Eminem's "3 AM" Video To Debut On May 2nd

After his first single "We Made You" debuted on MTV and got major press, Slim Shady has decided to take a different approach for releasing his 2nd single "3 AM". The "3AM" video will debut on Cinemax this Saturday (May 2nd) at 10 p.m. just prior to Cinemax's premier of their horror-flick "The Strangers," so it makes sense that since the new single is basically the inner thoughts of a serial killer so the video would hit next to a scary movie.

According to Paul Rosenberg, Eminem's longtime manager and business manager, the new video is directed by Syndrome and he suggests everyone check out it out in real 1080HD on Cinemax's HD channel, that is if you have it, "Otherwise, it's on the regular channel too." Check out a preview snap shot of the video below!


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