Tuesday, February 2

Buck Says Eminem Doesn't Agree With 50 Cent

Former G-Unit member Young Buck was recently in Detroit where he took time to diss his former camp and it's leader, 50 Cent. During the concert (that took place over the weekend), Buck first told the crowd about himself. "I'm a real life n*gga," Buck told Detroit fans. "For real. I wanna clear this sh*t up real quick because I see a lot of real n*ggas in here, you understand me. Let me tell you something. I don't f*ck with that n*gga 50 Cent for real. F*ck that n*gga."

Buck then brought up home-town hero, Eminem. "For real though, look, I got a lot of love for Eminem, that's my n*gga. You understand that? You understand me? Eminem don't even agree with the bullsh*t 50 Cent is doing with me. You understand me -- don't worry about Buck, I'm good with or without some b*tch a** n*gga named 50 motherf*cking Cent...F*ck you, f*ck the contract, I'm in Detroit, I'm in Eminem's hometown...A lot of these n*ggas can't come to Detroit, this is a no fly zone...I promise you, you will not see Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, none of them b*tch a** n*ggas out here without some motherf*cking security..."

Source: RapBasement


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