Tuesday, September 14

Rick Ross 'Salutes' Eminem After VMA Rehearsal

The night before the vmas, Ross had the opportunity to play fly on the wall. He saw Eminem's rehearsal of "Not Afraid" and "Love the Way You Lie" a full day before fans laid their eyes on it.

"I actually had a chance to sit through the whole rehearsal yesterday, man, and got to watch Eminem rehearse and perform for the first time," Ross said on the white carpet. "You know, I gotta salute him. I gotta take my hat off. He's a dope lyricist. Actually, seeing him in person brought his rhymes that much more alive to me. I'm actually looking forward to seeing Eminem do his thing."

In the past, Ross has both challenged Slim Shady to a battle as well as said he wanted to collaborate with the Detroit rhyme icon. The Miami hitmaker did say that he and Em did not meet during the practice.

"Nah, not at all," Ross said when asked if they crossed paths. "I just played my position. Waited for my opportunity to rehearse. I wanted to take my hat off to commend a fellow MC."


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