Saturday, January 30

Travis barker,Eminem,Lil wayne,Drake all gonna perform togother

In his interview with mtv news travis said:"I have yet to rehearse [with anyone]. I got a call, like, on Tuesday. Everyone found out a day after I did. So, I don't know exactly what I'm doing yet," Barker told MTV News on Friday (January 29) in his Los Angeles studio. "I'm just a part of it. I know I'm playing drums. I know it's a performance with Eminem, Drake, myself and Lil Wayne. I think it might be 'Forever.' "

He added:"Yeah, I think we're doing a medley, a couple of songs," Barker laughed. "I think 'Drop the World' is in. Maybe."

And travis is still confused about kanye spitting his verse at the grammy performace of "Forever".
"I don't know. Someone said he's in Hawaii, writing an album," he smiled. "I would stay there."


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