Wednesday, October 14

Eminem Talks Hearing 50 Cent Was Shot

Tonight at 8PM, VH1 will continue their "Behind The Music" series with a special on 50 Cent. During the special they of course interview Eminem and he recalls first hearing about 50. "I heard the record 'Lifes on the Line,' then not long after that I heard 'How to Rob,' and I was like "wow this guys crazy," Eminem recalls.

Eminem continues by describing that shorting after hearing the songs, he found out 50 Cent got shot and no one thought he was going to make it. "When you hear someone got shot nine times, you don't really expect them to make it," he says "we heard about 50 getting stabbed and it was like just like wow, this dude has a lot of drama surrounding him right now."

Source: RabBasement


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