Thursday, September 3

Ross Likes Eminem's Verse But Wants To Battle

Rick Ross still wants to battle Eminem, but he isn't mad that Eminem has ignored his invitations (if you can call them that). "He’s smart," Ross says, "That’s what I’m waiting for. That’ll be a gift — a great Christmas present for me." When asked what he thought about Eminem making a Mariah Carey diss record instead of responding to him, Ross laughed saying "You know what my thoughts are, man. We just laugh at it. It’s all ‘hood, man. Shout-out to Mariah Carey, she needs to reach out to me. We could eradicate some things."

Rick Ross did have some other thoughts and notes for the Detroit rapper. "On a better note, I wanna shout out Eminem. I heard a record he did with Lil Wayne, Drake and Kanye West. Eminem, you’re smart. I understand … we all know what you doing now. You’re moving on to better things. Like I said, he might wanna do a record with me. We here. Triple Cs."
Source: RapBasement


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