Wednesday, August 5

Eminem: That's Not Me Dissing Soulja Boy Tell'em On 'Die Already'

Eminem has quickly gone from years of beef-less silence to a raging war of disses with Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon. But despite ramping up his fighting skills in taking on the pop power couple with his latest verbal beatdown, "The Warning," one person Em is not taking aim at is Soulja Boy Tell'em.

A hard-hitting dis track called "Die Already" leaked on Monday in which an MC who sounds an awful lot like Slim Shady takes some serious shots at the "Crank That" rapper, beating down his lyrical style and (alleged) lack of substance with some cutting verbal jabs.

"Wow, whoever made 'Die Already' really does sound like me," tweeted Eminem on Monday. "But it ain't."

While the person on the track does sound similar to Eminem, he doesn't have quite the same lyrical aptitude as Marshall Mathers. The low-quality track with a thumping Em-like beat has the faux-Minem slapping "SouljaGirl" with the lines, "Do the Superman, f---in' die already ... I wouldn't buy your CD for half price on eBay ... Ice-T told you don't make me say it the mean way/ I'm not a bad person, you just suck like BJ."

The hook taunts, "Excuse me ma, America, do ya'll understand any English anymore?"

Despite the seeming similarity, even Eminem's fellow D12 member, rapper/producer Denaun Porter (a.k.a. Kon Artis), wrote in to, one of the first places to report on the track, to say that the track wasn't real. "That new Em dis is a straight up hoax. Can't y'all tell? Couldn't Allhiphop?"

No one's claimed credit for the dis track yet, and Soulja Boy, currently on tour in Canada, doesn't appear to have taken the bait.

"Die Already" comes on the heels of Eminem's scathing and personal attack against Carey and Cannon in retaliation for the song and video for Carey's new single, "Obsessed." Many alleged that the couple had taken a shot at Em when Mariah dressed up as an obsessed stalker in the video. But Cannon told MTV News last month that Mariah Carey wouldn't waste her time beefing.

"My wife doesn't beef. She's Mariah Carey. She's not beefin', she's a vegetarian," the singer's husband said.

Cannon appeared ready to quash the beef (kind of) on Monday, when he posted Biblical tweets the likes of which read "Never take your own revenge."
Source: MTV & RapBasement


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