Wednesday, March 4

Kid Rock talks to Rolling Stone about Eminem

Kid Rock talks to Rolling Stone about hanging out with Eminem and Bob Seger:
"Em's just sitting in the corner — me, Em and Bob — and they're trying to relate, but they're both a little kooky... Eminem's funny as shit, man. He's a great father, he's funny, he's talented out his ass, but you know, obviously, my social skills are much more developed."
Kid Rock also compares golfer Tiger Woods to Eminem:
"Nice kid. A little bit of an Eminem and Axl Rose syndrome. Very reclusive, literal, and sometimes you feel a little bad for them. Sometimes they think the world's against them. You gotta loosen up, man! People are gonna talk shit. You just gotta enjoy it!"

Read the full interview on rolling stone.


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