Wednesday, January 10

Download Chloraseptic Remix Eminem ft 2 Chainz & Phresher

2 Chainz said he had been working on music with Eminem for his new album Revival .However, when the tracklist surfaced without 2 Chainz, 2 Chainz took his frustation on instagram by posting revival's tracklist via a series of emojis.( the post has since been deleted)
But after Phresher said in thisis50 interview that 2 Chainz was also on it but evidently his verse didn’t make the cut, 2 Chainz changed his tune and posted a photo with eminem on instagram and said "Grateful for the opportunity, new music on the way!”

Eminem most likely listened to all the critics of his latest album revival and snapped.Eminem addresses his haters of walk on water song and all the reaction videos of his revival album.
Eminem said the critics gave their verdict just by looking at the track list of revival even before listening to the album.
People are saying eminem is talking about joe budden in his verse. 

Download Chloraseptic Remix Eminem ft 2 Chainz & Phresher

Wednesday, March 4

Iggy Azalea on Losing to Eminem

Iggy Azalea on losing to Eminem for Best Rap Album at The Grammy's last month
"I did not want to win that award. My speech would have been like, 'Fuck this! I don't want it! Take it!'... I found it to be kind of ironic. It was because I'm white, therefore I'm appropriating culture. But then Eminem won it - who's white and won it many times - and they didn't seem to say anything about that."

Listen to the full interview of Iggy Azalea below.

Detroit rapper Esham disses Eminem

Detroit underground legend Esham (founder of the "acid rap" sub genre) disses Eminem
"I am tired of Eminem. I just want him to keep it real and quit being a bitch. He fuckin' sold a lotta people out in the city, man. He needs to stop disrespecting the city and making people hate Detroit even more. That's what that was about. Don't even say shit about Detroit. With the ‘Detroit Vs. Everybody’ don't say Detroit vs. everybody… you don’t help nobody in the city,” Esham says. “I don’t give a fuck. I will say that. You got a radio station and nobody gets played on your station? Come on, B. Get the fuck outta here. You got 50 hundred million dollars and you ain't doing shit. Do something for the schools, anything, I don't wanna hear that shit. If you say something about Detroit, I'm gonna say something about you. Let somebody say something to me. I ain't gonna say shit. I ain't lyin' on that muthafucka."

Listen to the full interview of esham below.

Kid Rock talks to Rolling Stone about Eminem

Kid Rock talks to Rolling Stone about hanging out with Eminem and Bob Seger:
"Em's just sitting in the corner — me, Em and Bob — and they're trying to relate, but they're both a little kooky... Eminem's funny as shit, man. He's a great father, he's funny, he's talented out his ass, but you know, obviously, my social skills are much more developed."
Kid Rock also compares golfer Tiger Woods to Eminem:
"Nice kid. A little bit of an Eminem and Axl Rose syndrome. Very reclusive, literal, and sometimes you feel a little bad for them. Sometimes they think the world's against them. You gotta loosen up, man! People are gonna talk shit. You just gotta enjoy it!"

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