Monday, May 9

Royce Da 5'9" Talks Eminem's OCD, "Delusional" Canibus, And Writing For Dr. Dre's Detox

“And then he made two diss records about me,” explained Royce of his doubts to DX last Thursday (May 5th). “Don’t believe nothin’ Canibus says, man. That dude, he’s delusional.”
The currently untitled Premier track will appear on Royce’s forthcoming new solo effort, Success is Certain, having already received the seal of approval from a powerful consigliore.

“[Eminem] loved that beat that Preem just sent me,” Royce revealed. “I played it for him yesterday.”

But will 5’9” satisfy the cravings of Hip Hop heads worldwide by having Slim Shady fill in the still open third verse to that loved Preemo beat?

“Em is like – he’s in the studio right now messing with the mixes [for the Bad Meets Evil EP],” replied Royce. “Like, he’ll come in everyday and find something wrong with a mix. So he’s in OCD mode right now. I won’t be able to get him to rap for at least another month. And I gotta finish my album and turn it in. So, probably not for this album, maybe sometime in the future.”
And why an EP and not an LP?

“Because we didn’t start with any kind of a plan,” replied Royce. “Normally, if you gonna do an LP where Em is involved, you start with a plan and then you go in and you do records. This didn’t come together like that; it just happened naturally. We just started cuttin’ songs, just to be working with each other again, with no intent in mind. We didn’t even know we were gonna do that many songs, so at around five or six songs, we lookin’ like, ‘Yo, man, we got these records, I think we should do something with ‘em.’ That’s when we decided, ‘You know what? We can just do this as Bad Meets Evil and just make it an EP.’”

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