Saturday, September 4

Eminem's Return Thrills Detroit Fans

DETROIT — Thursday (September 2) was a night that the people of Detroit will never forget. Eminem, who hadn't performed in his hometown for years, co-headlined a show at Comerica Park with Jay-Z. And if you ask Em's fans, it was more than worth the wait.

"It was pretty sweet," said Jon Bitz. "Eminem was out there, doing his thing. I thought it was pretty much the best concert I've ever been to."

Jay-Z and Eminem pulled out all the stops at the show, which was chock-full of surprise guests. Local resident Juvenal Gutierrize said the re-emergence of Dr. Dre sent a number of ladies into a frenzy. "It went crazy when Dr. Dre came out. A bunch of girls lost their panties," said Gutierrize. "There was panties flying all over."

Gutierrize was also happy to see the return of D12. "It was also good to see D12 back together and [hear] them talk about Proof," he said. "Rest in peace, Proof."

"Seeing Dre was probably my best part," said Anthony Crachiola. "I definitely love Eminem."

Sara Ohle and Gioviani Villannava celebrated their birthdays at the show, and they wouldn't have missed it for the world. "We came out here all the way from Riverside and Corona, California, just to see Jay-Z and Eminem — mostly Eminem," said Ohle, who missed a flight from the West Coast but still managed to make it to Detroit on time for the show. "We loved him. He topped all of our dreams and everything that we could expect."

While the whole night was one to remember, it was Eminem who especially thrilled his hometown fans. "Jay-Z came out and he ripped it. He did it big," said Edward Richardson. "But basically Eminem finished the show. He shut it down."

Thursday night's concert was first of two sold-out shows with Em and Jay as headliners, and the show on Friday will likely draw more than a few repeat visitors.

"Best rap show in history," said Jordan Degeorge, who traveled from Wisconsin to be at Comerica Park. "You've got everyone — Eminem, 50 Cent, D12, Dr. Dre, Drake, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy. Best show of all time."


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