Tuesday, September 7

Ca$his talks about how Eminem's decision to get clean influenced him

AllHipHop.com: Did any of the situations Eminem went through with his decision to go to rehab, did that influence your decision to change your life?

Ca$his: No, because I didn’t know he was going to rehab. They kept it a secret from everybody. Because we used to talk everyday, than it became less and less. And I just thought that he was working, then he came out, and we talked about it, and it was so eye opening, and was like oh shit. But me, I used to go in the studio with like 80 valium, literally 80 valium, and record. And my speech used to be all slurred. Like, I couldn’t annunciate for nothing. What did it for me is that I kept getting in trouble. I kept getting cases, and it caused me to keep losing everything. I had looked up, and I had almost lost my family. My girl had came to me, and said look what you doing to yourself, baby. Like you don’t even know your kids, you don’t even know yourself. That’s not you. You becoming a walking zombie.

I just knew that I was moving too fast. You know, I was kind of hostile all the time. That ain’t a good influence on Eminem. Cause I’m sitting here popping pills, and he’s trying to get clean secretively. He can’t be around me, because I’m professing it. I got Xanax bars tattooed on me. I’m like we got them everywhere we go, pills by the hundred. Obviously, you would want that around someone who is trying there best to get clean. So, I started going through my own things, and started to get well. It just so happen that it was at a similar time that Em did. So, when I popped up in New York, and I was like what’s up, they were shocked because they could see a clear difference. And they were like, aww man, he’s back. Everything has been lovely every since then, and the music has been speaking for itself.

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