Friday, April 9

Eminem Says Drake Used To Hang In Detroit

Bizarre's new "Friday Night At St Andrews" album hits stores on May 18th but in the mean time, he recently was in the studio with Eminem working on some new music and found out a little news. "Drake used to come to St. Andrews, back in the day, on Friday nights. He was really good friends with Elzhi from Slum Village. I just found that out through [Eminem]. Marshall just told me that when I was in the studio with him." Drake has referred back to Slum Village, Elzhi's group, on his popular So Far Gone song "Fear". Located near the city's Financial District, the venue was a key stage for many of Detroit's would-be stars, including Slum Village, Royce Da 5'9", D12 and a particular Toronto emcee that used to travel three hours to attend, Drake.
Source: RapBasement


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