Thursday, January 28

Jedward wanted to work with Tupac,Eminem,50 cent

X Factor favourites John & Edward popped into MTV yesterday to tell us all about their new single with Vanilla Ice, and hinted about who they are eyeing up for their next collaboration.

The Grimes twins, who recently performed new single Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) at the National Television Awards told us all about how the unlikely partnership came about.
Edward said: “Vanilla Ice saw our performance on the X Factor and he decided what would be a really cool idea…we are really excited by it and it was loads of fun making it.”
When asked if they were a fan of the eighties rapper, John added: “When the song ‘Ice Ice Baby’ first came out, we weren’t even born but always knew the rift to it and I cant believe we are collaborating with him on it.”
After rapping with Ice on their new single, Jedward have set their sights on a few of rap music’s greats for their next single.
They exclusively told MTV News: “We would like to collaborate with Eminem, 50 Cent, Tupac, even though he’s dead…”
John added: “Maybe Tupac has got a track that hasn’t been released yet that we could record our vocals over?”


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