Wednesday, October 28

Eminem Talks Being His Own DJ (DJ Hero)

DJ Hero (and it's Renegade Edition), hit stores today so it's only fitting we have a new interview with Eminem talking about the game. "Back in the 'Hip Hop Shop' days, a DJ would throw on a record and you had to spit a rap to it so it was the heart and soul of battling," Eminem says. "The cool thing about DJ Hero is that the music is actually part of the video game itself," the Detroit rapper says as he's shown playing the game.

"As soon as I master it it's going to be fun because then I'm going to get my ass in the studio and learn how to scratch. Then at live shows, I'm going to be my own DJ, run up there thrown the record on, run down...and rap," Eminem says before talking about the Eminem/Jay-Z special Renegade Edition of the game. "Im going to be better at this game than Jazzy Jeff by the way," Eminem adds "give me a couple years, but I'm going to better than him at this game."
Source: RapBasement


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