Tuesday, October 6

50 Says Em Turned Down $15 Mill Movie Offer

We all know that after D12 founding member (and Eminem's best friend) Proof died, Eminem stepped out of the spotlight to take time to himself and apparently nothing could get him to come out, not even $15 million dollars. In a new interview with DJ Whoo Kid, 50 Cent said "You could barely get him out the house! I mean you can't get him out the house for money."

50 was talking about a possible movie he wanted to do with Eminem. "I flew down there, I had 15 million for him. I flew down there with a script called 'Con Rail,' and I had everybody on deck, they was ready to him 15 million dollars to do the movie. And we was gonna shoot it in Detroit so he could still drop Hailey off and pick her up. That n---- still didn't want to come outside!"
Source: RapBasement


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