Thursday, September 10

Eminem Will Be VMA Twitter King, Predicts iJustine

The 2009 VMA Preshow, which airs on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET, will not only feature celebrity fashion correspondent Ashley Greene, but for the first time ever, the show will also have a Twitter correspondent. Justine Ezarik, a.k.a. iJustine, has been chosen to integrate Twitter updates into the TV broadcast.

Justine won't just be reading off your tweets, she'll be analyzing trends that arise on Twitter as the celebrities make their way onto the carpet. "Basically, I'm going to be making sense of all of the tweets that are coming in about the VMAs. I'm going to be the visualizer of it," she told MTV News. "It's going to be pulling in hash tags and pulling in different data about celebs and what everyone is saying, so I'm gonna kind of explain to people what the Twitter reaction is."

iJustine, for those who aren't familiar with her, is an Internet comedienne who has more than 620,000 Twitter followers. And as a sort of social-networking expert, she has some idea of what people will probably be talking about on Sunday. "It's like a whole different crowd on Twitter, so I'm really not sure who is going to be the most talked about," she said. "I'm sure whatever Britney Spears does [if she comes to the show] is going to be probably a huge Twitter effect, so I'm definitely looking forward to see what people are saying about her. And of course, everyone loves Taylor Swift as well. Those would be my two picks."

As for unpredictable performer Lady Gaga, Justine isn't sure what people will have to say about the nine-time-nominated artist. "You know what, that's probably going to be a very interesting reaction," she said. "I don't exactly know what people are going to say, but hopefully it's going to be something positive."

Justine does suspect that the reaction when any "Twilight" stars hit the carpet will be overwhelmingly positive. "Obviously, 'Twilight' is such a hit ... I can only imagine what the Twitter reaction is going to be. It will probably be overwhelming," she said, adding that when Robert Pattinson arrives, "All hell will break loose!"

On the other hand, Justine predicts that the Twitter king of VMA night will be Eminem — who is up for four Moonmen. "Anything he does is always a big hit," she said. "I'm definitely looking forward to seeing if there's any crazy stuff they'll be doing with him this year. I think people really enjoy everything he does. All of his videos are very out there, so everyone always has an opinion on everything he does."



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