Wednesday, September 9

Eminem, Drake, Kanye & Wayne Shoot Forever Video

Reports are going around that Eminem has joined Drake, Kanye West and Lil Wayne in Florida to shoot the video for their new hit "Forever" track. Although a release date hasn't been released, the four rap forces have started shooting in Miami. In a recent poll, after only five days and 3500 votes, fans overwhelmingly think that Eminem had the best verse on "Forever". Eminem got 69 percent of the votes while Drake came in second with only 13% followed by Kanye at 10 and Lil Wayne in last with only eight percent.

In related news, beat submission website is currently accepting beats and production that will be considered for Eminem's upcoming "Release 2" album. As previously reported, Eminem's "We Made You" [watch here] single had it's beat originally made by producer Doc Ish and submitted through this website. According to the website, "Relapse 2" still has a possibly release date as the 4th Quarter of this year. So if you want to submit beats for Eminem's next project make sure you get them in before the due date of September 13th.
Source: RapBasement


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