Saturday, August 22

Eminem Pulls Ahead Of 50 Cent To Lead Hottest MCs Poll

Marshall Mathers has an army of supporters, and thanks to them, Eminem has risen to the top of the fan voting in our Hottest MC poll. With 40 percent of the votes thus far, he's pulled ahead of Joe Budden and 50 Cent, who had been the leading vote getters in the weeks since we opened the poll. Now that those votes are being factored into this year's official list, it seems fans are aware that the stakes are higher.

A reader named Stacey is among the Em fans wearing the cyberspace rally cap and encouraging folks to get behind the Detroit rap legend. "Eminem is the hottest one in this list!!! Vote for Eminem," she wrote.

Meanwhile, a commenter called the Champ has posted a top 10 list: "1. Eminem; 2. 50 Cent; 3. Kanye West; 4. T.I.; 5. Jay-Z; 6. Fabolous; 7. Lloyd Banks; 8. Young Jeezy; 9. Drake; 10. Lil Wayne.

"Em is the undisputed Hottest MC. Relapse [is the] best album put out since [T.I.'s] Paper Trail," Champ added. "Lyrically and artistically, he is simply on another level than Jay-Z, Weezy and Kanye."

But don't count out Lil Wayne. It looks like more of his fans are going to step to the plate and show support for Weezy F. Baby.

"Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive," user CaliSky wrote. "Eminem is definitely talented, but have you heard Tha Carter III? What about his new track, 'I'ma Go Getta'? And now he's doing this rock/rap blend? Lil Wayne for sure has my vote."

Due to the whopping 420 percent increase in voting, we decided to delay revealing the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust's list and let you guys weigh in. We're encouraging everyone to continue to be engaged in this conversation and cast your vote for the Hottest MCs in the Game until September 21.
Source: MTV


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