Tuesday, August 18

Eminem Alive And Well Says Manager

Over the weekend, the world briefly gasped as rumors claiming that Eminem was killed in a car crash circled through difference social networking sites such as Twitter but that has been quickly dismissed as a rumor. Paul Rosenberg, President of Shady Records and Eminem's Manager, confirmed to the Detroit Free Press that there is no validity to the made-up story and that it began as a "Twitter rumor."

In related news, many other celebrities have had rumors have had the same problem including Miley Cyrus and even Lil Wayne. The original posting that Eminem was killed was taken down but even this morning Twitter users were still asking the question "Is Eminem dead?" and fans were being pointed to a story on Yahoo News that claimed the "Relapse" rapper was using his cell phone before he died "in a terrible car crash." The fake news story even included a quote from a "Dr. Adams," too bad it wasn't Dr. Ballsack.
Source: RapBasement


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