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Did Eminem Go Too Far With His Mariah Carey Dis Track?

Lyrics of 'The Warning' are a scathing attack on Carey and husband Nick Cannon.

First Eminem wrote a song, "Bagpipes From Baghdad," directed at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Then she seemed to respond to his track with her own, "Obsessed," although she has denied the song and the video were directed at him.

Now, this week, Eminem has released a scathing dis track, "The Warning," directed at Carey and her husband, Nick Cannon, during which he alleges and describes what was his one full sexual encounter with Carey, labels her a "liar" and other ugly names, and threatens to reveal personal pictures and phone messages he has of the singer. (Carey has denied ever having a romantic relationship with Eminem, while he has insisted there was one.)

Eminem has a history of blistering disses, but the song raises the question: Has he taken the feud too far? MTV News headed to Times Square to get fans' opinions on the matter.

"I think Eminem has gone too far on this one," Cherie Gardner said. "Even if it is true, I think that's a bit too far."

Another fan, Heather, agreed that the track is Eminem being Eminem, but perhaps to an extreme level. "I think if he did anything else, it wouldn't be his kind of signature thing," she said. "Although the part about murdering [her], that probably is a little too far."

Meanwhile, Jamie Gilcrest was fluctuating about whether or not the track went too far. "Maybe it is a little inappropriate because he is kind of being an a--hole to her," he said. "But he's just getting his feelings out there, so I think that's pretty cool."

But other fans think that this latest feud is stemming from a financial place, not an authentic place. "The dissing thing back and forth, that's kind of played out," Justin Price said. "You know what I'm saying. Like Jay-Z's beefing with the Game. Everyone's got a beef to sell stuff. Eminem is actually better than that."

Yet Antwone Wright is quick to point out that this beef is a bit different from when two rappers beef. "Obviously it's going to be different than 50 Cent dissing Ja Rule, because I don't think that 50 cent and Ja Rule ever slept together! But you're trying to dis your girlfriend, I think I would consider that acceptable."

Another fan thinks that the track is just Eminem being Eminem. "I don't think he's gone too far. He's Eminem," Katherine Schneeberger said. "That's what he does — be outrageous — so I don't really think it's too far."
Source: MTV


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