Saturday, August 29

"Forever" Producer Says Drake Held Up With Eminem

The producer of "Forever", the new huge collaboration between Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem, says that he feels Drake held his own with Eminem on the track. When asked who spit the best verse on the song, Boi-1da said "Honestly I’m gonna have to be biased and say Drake," he said, "really it’s between Drake and Eminem. I’ve never seen anybody hold up on a song with Eminem, like usually Eminem blows out. Drake’s my dude, and he’s my favorite rapper, but knowing Eminem I thought he was gonna blow by everybody, but Drake came strong. It’s like a toss up. And like that’s never been done before, I never heard a toss up between Eminem, it’s always just Eminem cause he’s a monster."

The producer also went on to give a little history on the track. "It was originally supposed to be a song that Drake was supposed to come out to, maybe we were trying to make it like a first single. Somehow it got leaked out onto the Internet, a version with him, Wayne and some dude named [Nut da] Kid and everybody was upset about it or whatever, but we knew that it was just a huge record and we had to do it justice."
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Thursday, August 27

Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Drake's Collabo: Preview

It's one of the greatest collaborations in hip-hop history: Eminem, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Drake on the same song. "Forever" was inspired by the forthcoming LeBron James documentary "More Than a Game" — and you can check out a preview right here!

Earlier this week, Young Money president Mack Maine told MTV News about the track, titled "Forever." An early version of the song — featuring Wayne, Drake and Nut Da Kidd and produced by Boi-1da (Drake's "Best I Ever Had" and "Uptown") — has already hit the Internet, but this week, the version with some of hip-hop's hottest MCs is expected to debut.

"They redid it, it got mixed over the weekend, now it's getting mastered," Maine said Monday.

"Forever" will appear as part of a collection of tracks inspired by the film (due in theaters October 2), with the soundtrack coming September 29 on Interscope Records. Polow Da Don will executive produce the set, which will also include songs by T.I., Mary J. Blige and Young Jeezy, according to Rich Paul, who works with James as a part of their marketing company LRMR.

Paul said that "Forever" was originally only going to include Drake and Kanye West.

"It was done, it was just Drake and Kanye, and then they went back and got two more prolific talents, and it just made it even crazier," Paul told MTV News late Tuesday. "They blessed Drake crazy."

The song came together when Gee Roberson, an executive at Atlantic Records who also manages West and helps oversee the careers of Drake and Wayne, visited LeBron during the playoffs in May.

"He came over and played this — it was me, LeBron and Maverick [Carter, James' manager]," said Paul, who will co-executive produce the project for James' camp. "And he played the track. It was hot. It went right with the movie. It was like perfect for a moment that you want to be forever. And when he decided to put Wayne, Drake, Kanye and Eminem on it [together], it just makes it better. It's one of those songs fans will really want to hear forever. It's that type of feeling."

Lil Wayne has long expressed a desire to rap alongside Eminem on a track — and now, he's done it.

Mack Maine also revealed the song may be getting a last-minute addition.

"There's gonna be an unexpected feature on the hook," he said. "Right now, we have three different R&B singers writing the hook to see who comes up with the best one. I'mma be shocked. So I can't tell you who it's gonna be."

On the original, Drake performs double duty, rapping and singing the chorus. Plans call for Drake, Wayne, West and Em to shoot a clip for "Forever" next month in New York, Paul said, directed by Hype Williams.


Wednesday, August 26

Eminem, Kanye, Lil Wayne & Drake Collab, "Forever"

According to hip hop blog site, a new Eminem, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Drake collaboration is reportedly set to debut this week in support of the upcoming LeBron James documentary "More Than A Game." Although the site didn't give many details, the track will reportedly debut this Friday (August 28th).
"Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem. Supposed to be hitting radio/iTunes on Friday. Are you focused? In collaboration with some More Than A Game movie event with Lebron." -
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Sunday, August 23

Update: Relapse 2 Date Fake

Despite our story earlier where we reported on stories online about Eminem's 2nd "Relapse" album coming out on November 17th, there apparently is no truth to it. The rumors started when Amazon's UK website posted a November 16th release date for the album (making the United States date the 17th). According to Eminem's long-time manager, business partner and Shady Records head honcho, Paul Rosenberg, there is absolutely no truth to the November 17th date, whatsoever.

"Relapse 2" will be the follow up to Eminem's album of the same name that dropped last may. The album has gone on to sell over 1,361,700 copies. This isn't the only rumor that Eminem and Paul Rosenberg have had to deal lately. Earlier this week there were false reports that Eminem died in a car crash, the stories even showed up on Yahoo news. As of now there is no release date to "Relapse 2."
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Saturday, August 22

Eminem Pulls Ahead Of 50 Cent To Lead Hottest MCs Poll

Marshall Mathers has an army of supporters, and thanks to them, Eminem has risen to the top of the fan voting in our Hottest MC poll. With 40 percent of the votes thus far, he's pulled ahead of Joe Budden and 50 Cent, who had been the leading vote getters in the weeks since we opened the poll. Now that those votes are being factored into this year's official list, it seems fans are aware that the stakes are higher.

A reader named Stacey is among the Em fans wearing the cyberspace rally cap and encouraging folks to get behind the Detroit rap legend. "Eminem is the hottest one in this list!!! Vote for Eminem," she wrote.

Meanwhile, a commenter called the Champ has posted a top 10 list: "1. Eminem; 2. 50 Cent; 3. Kanye West; 4. T.I.; 5. Jay-Z; 6. Fabolous; 7. Lloyd Banks; 8. Young Jeezy; 9. Drake; 10. Lil Wayne.

"Em is the undisputed Hottest MC. Relapse [is the] best album put out since [T.I.'s] Paper Trail," Champ added. "Lyrically and artistically, he is simply on another level than Jay-Z, Weezy and Kanye."

But don't count out Lil Wayne. It looks like more of his fans are going to step to the plate and show support for Weezy F. Baby.

"Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive," user CaliSky wrote. "Eminem is definitely talented, but have you heard Tha Carter III? What about his new track, 'I'ma Go Getta'? And now he's doing this rock/rap blend? Lil Wayne for sure has my vote."

Due to the whopping 420 percent increase in voting, we decided to delay revealing the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust's list and let you guys weigh in. We're encouraging everyone to continue to be engaged in this conversation and cast your vote for the Hottest MCs in the Game until September 21.
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Tuesday, August 18

Eminem Alive And Well Says Manager

Over the weekend, the world briefly gasped as rumors claiming that Eminem was killed in a car crash circled through difference social networking sites such as Twitter but that has been quickly dismissed as a rumor. Paul Rosenberg, President of Shady Records and Eminem's Manager, confirmed to the Detroit Free Press that there is no validity to the made-up story and that it began as a "Twitter rumor."

In related news, many other celebrities have had rumors have had the same problem including Miley Cyrus and even Lil Wayne. The original posting that Eminem was killed was taken down but even this morning Twitter users were still asking the question "Is Eminem dead?" and fans were being pointed to a story on Yahoo News that claimed the "Relapse" rapper was using his cell phone before he died "in a terrible car crash." The fake news story even included a quote from a "Dr. Adams," too bad it wasn't Dr. Ballsack.
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Bobby Creekwater Parts Ways with Eminem’s Shady Records

Bobby Creekwater has left Shady Records. The Atlanta rapper made the announcement over the weekend, saying his decision to leave Eminem’s imprint was strictly a business decision and that there was no bad blood.

“That particular relationship wasn’t helping, as far as the plans I had for Bobby Creekwater, so we parted ways,” he told in an interview, adding that he did not get dropped. “I felt like it was time to move on so I made a phone call to [Shady co-founder] Paul [Rosenberg]… I said I think it’s time for me to go my way. He said he understood.”

Creekwater went on to say that labels can often “choose to be assholes” by holding on to an artist wanting to leave, but that Rosenberg did no such thing.

“He understood my plight and I appreciate him for that,” Creekwater said.

Creekwater signed to Shady in 2005. He appeared on 2006’s Eminem Presents the Re-Up, a compilation designed to launch him and other new Shady artists Stat Quo and Cashis.

Creekwater’s mixtape The Day It All Made $ense is expected to drop later this month.


Friday, August 7

Nick Cannon Claims Mariah Carey's 'Obsessed' Is About Him, Not Eminem

Despite what you might think about Mariah Carey's single and video for "Obsessed" being directed at Eminem, when the singer made an appearance Wednesday night on husband Nick Cannon's show "America's Got Talent," Cannon used it as another chance to insist the song isn't about Em.

"I don't care what nobody say, that song is about me, because I am obsessed with this beautiful girl right here," Cannon said on the show after Carey performed the controversial track. "This beautiful woman next to me has more #1 hit singles than any single artist in the world. How do you do it?"

After Carey clarified that the Beatles have more hit singles than her, Cannon added, "We ain't worried about them, because it's all about Mariah right now. ... She's modest, she's beautiful. Ladies and gentlemen, my soul mate, Mariah Carey."

Cannon had been angling to get Carey on the show since its premiere earlier this summer. "They keep asking me that — I don't know. It's a possibility. She loves the show," he told MTV News in June. "She has a hot new album coming out. It's the hottest show on TV, so why wouldn't that work out? So hopefully the timing works out and she does get to come represent."

He also had previously mentioned that he thought the song was about him when he spoke to us while promoting "AGT." "I always say I thought the record was about me, 'cause I'm obsessed with my wife," he said. "But if somebody's out there and you feel like you might have been obsessed, then the record's about you."
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Wednesday, August 5

Eminem: That's Not Me Dissing Soulja Boy Tell'em On 'Die Already'

Eminem has quickly gone from years of beef-less silence to a raging war of disses with Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon. But despite ramping up his fighting skills in taking on the pop power couple with his latest verbal beatdown, "The Warning," one person Em is not taking aim at is Soulja Boy Tell'em.

A hard-hitting dis track called "Die Already" leaked on Monday in which an MC who sounds an awful lot like Slim Shady takes some serious shots at the "Crank That" rapper, beating down his lyrical style and (alleged) lack of substance with some cutting verbal jabs.

"Wow, whoever made 'Die Already' really does sound like me," tweeted Eminem on Monday. "But it ain't."

While the person on the track does sound similar to Eminem, he doesn't have quite the same lyrical aptitude as Marshall Mathers. The low-quality track with a thumping Em-like beat has the faux-Minem slapping "SouljaGirl" with the lines, "Do the Superman, f---in' die already ... I wouldn't buy your CD for half price on eBay ... Ice-T told you don't make me say it the mean way/ I'm not a bad person, you just suck like BJ."

The hook taunts, "Excuse me ma, America, do ya'll understand any English anymore?"

Despite the seeming similarity, even Eminem's fellow D12 member, rapper/producer Denaun Porter (a.k.a. Kon Artis), wrote in to, one of the first places to report on the track, to say that the track wasn't real. "That new Em dis is a straight up hoax. Can't y'all tell? Couldn't Allhiphop?"

No one's claimed credit for the dis track yet, and Soulja Boy, currently on tour in Canada, doesn't appear to have taken the bait.

"Die Already" comes on the heels of Eminem's scathing and personal attack against Carey and Cannon in retaliation for the song and video for Carey's new single, "Obsessed." Many alleged that the couple had taken a shot at Em when Mariah dressed up as an obsessed stalker in the video. But Cannon told MTV News last month that Mariah Carey wouldn't waste her time beefing.

"My wife doesn't beef. She's Mariah Carey. She's not beefin', she's a vegetarian," the singer's husband said.

Cannon appeared ready to quash the beef (kind of) on Monday, when he posted Biblical tweets the likes of which read "Never take your own revenge."
Source: MTV & RapBasement

Eminem Battles Jigga and Kanye

Eminem will go against Jay-Z and Kanye West among others for this years "Best Hip-Hop Video" at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Eminem's "We Made You" will face off against Jay-Z's "D.O.A.", Kanye West's "Love Lockdown", Asher Roth's "I Love College" and Flo Rida's "Right Round".

This years awards will once again be hosted by comedian and new movie star, Russell Brand. Brand will return to host the 26th annual VMA's that take place on September 13th from Radio City Music Hall in New York, NY. Russell hosted last years awards which focussed on a then overexposed Britney Spears. Green Day, Pink, Katy Perry, Ne-Yo and Chace Crawford are just some of the live performers for the show.
Source: RapBasement & MTV

Saturday, August 1

Did Eminem Go Too Far With His Mariah Carey Dis Track?

Lyrics of 'The Warning' are a scathing attack on Carey and husband Nick Cannon.

First Eminem wrote a song, "Bagpipes From Baghdad," directed at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. Then she seemed to respond to his track with her own, "Obsessed," although she has denied the song and the video were directed at him.

Now, this week, Eminem has released a scathing dis track, "The Warning," directed at Carey and her husband, Nick Cannon, during which he alleges and describes what was his one full sexual encounter with Carey, labels her a "liar" and other ugly names, and threatens to reveal personal pictures and phone messages he has of the singer. (Carey has denied ever having a romantic relationship with Eminem, while he has insisted there was one.)

Eminem has a history of blistering disses, but the song raises the question: Has he taken the feud too far? MTV News headed to Times Square to get fans' opinions on the matter.

"I think Eminem has gone too far on this one," Cherie Gardner said. "Even if it is true, I think that's a bit too far."

Another fan, Heather, agreed that the track is Eminem being Eminem, but perhaps to an extreme level. "I think if he did anything else, it wouldn't be his kind of signature thing," she said. "Although the part about murdering [her], that probably is a little too far."

Meanwhile, Jamie Gilcrest was fluctuating about whether or not the track went too far. "Maybe it is a little inappropriate because he is kind of being an a--hole to her," he said. "But he's just getting his feelings out there, so I think that's pretty cool."

But other fans think that this latest feud is stemming from a financial place, not an authentic place. "The dissing thing back and forth, that's kind of played out," Justin Price said. "You know what I'm saying. Like Jay-Z's beefing with the Game. Everyone's got a beef to sell stuff. Eminem is actually better than that."

Yet Antwone Wright is quick to point out that this beef is a bit different from when two rappers beef. "Obviously it's going to be different than 50 Cent dissing Ja Rule, because I don't think that 50 cent and Ja Rule ever slept together! But you're trying to dis your girlfriend, I think I would consider that acceptable."

Another fan thinks that the track is just Eminem being Eminem. "I don't think he's gone too far. He's Eminem," Katherine Schneeberger said. "That's what he does — be outrageous — so I don't really think it's too far."
Source: MTV