Monday, July 27

Eminem has ‘nasty’ surprise for Mariah Carey says 50 Cent

It began with ‘Bagpipes from Baghdad’. Mariah Carey isn’t the only celeb that Eminem took a shot at but she still was damn mad and so was her hubby, Nick Cannon. Eminem claimed to have been having sex with Mariah and demanded her back.

Mariah wasn’t impressed and finally hit back with the song ‘Obsessed’ where it was her chance to get hers back at Eminem. And she did along with a video clip that had her in drag and looking suspiciously like she might be at least trying to look like Eminem.

Now it’s Eminem who has the right of reply and according to some Mariah should be real worried.

‘No one does offensive like Eminem and I don’t wanna know what he might have in store for her lyrically or in the visual….it’s going to be a nasty surprise’ commented rapper 50 Cent who is part of rap group G-Unit.



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