Thursday, December 30

Eminem Ruled 2010

Eminem was the #2 Man of the year on MTVNews countdown.Em won two VMAs (off of eight nominations) in September and ended the year by loading up with a leading 10 Grammy nominations
He released a great album in Recovery that emotionally connected with fans thanks to some of the most hook-heavy songs of his career while maintaining an elusive persona that kept them guessing.
"On Recovery, he was really able to tap into the emotive 2002 stuff that people loved in '8 Mile,' " said Complex Editor in Chief Noah Callahan-Bever. "And I think that the fact that he's not tech-savvy or any of that stuff really doesn't hurt him because he's able to cultivate a little bit of a mystery about himself and his comings and goings. That exclusivity creates more value to his limited presence."
While songs like mega first single "Not Afraid" and the inescapable Rihanna hookup "Love the Way You Lie" were getting wall-to-wall spins at radio, Em made only a few promotional appearances, played just a handful of dates -- including the lauded Home and Home shows with Jay-Z -- and managed to keep that air of inscrutability about himself while putting up the best sales figures for any album released in 2010. The less you saw of him, the more you wanted to see him.


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