Tuesday, May 12

50 Cent On Eminem's Return: 'It's Great!'

Eminem's long-awaited Relapse LP is coming out on May 19 — one week from today — and we've got loads of Slim Shady material coming over the next couple of weeks. Who better to kick off our Eminem blitz than his biggest protégé, 50 Cent?

The excitement for Eminem's return is building fast as the May 19 release date for Relapse draws nearer. 50 Cent, for one, thinks that as more music becomes available to the public, the expectations, along with the anticipation, will also ramp up.

"It's great! I think you should expect it to go up," Fif explained. "I felt like those [single] choices ... personally, I think that the first single ['We Made You'], was one of his better records, lyrically. Obviously, he felt the same way. [But] he's got some records on this album that are way better, to me, 'cause there was so much material."

In addition to "We Made You," the rapper has put out "Crack a Bottle," featuring Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, as well as the dark, twisted "3 A.M."

On Tuesday (May 12), Eminem is set to release yet another song, "Beautiful," that will debut on iTunes. The track is the only one Em produced himself on the album, according to a recent interview he did with Vibe. Dr. Dre handled the bulk of the production on Relapse.

With Eminem back in the spotlight after a long hiatus — he's also prepping for his performance at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards — 50 scoffed at the notion that, as the more outgoing of the two, their mentor roles have reversed.

"Absolutely not," he said. "I don't advise him. When people see him as my mentor, that's the people who have been paying attention. The people who tuned in after he's been on hiatus, they just see 50 Cent. But a lot of times, the creative decisions before I present music to the public, I'll use him as a soundboard. And say, 'What do you think? Are you sure this is right?' 'Cause I don't have a lot of people I trust as much as Em, because he's already accomplished so much as an actual artist."

50 is set to release his long-awaited album Before I Self-Destruct following the release of Relapse. 

Source: MTV


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