Sunday, May 31

50 Cent, Eminem On Relationship With Dr. Dre: 'We Understand Our Positions'

Two-thirds of the infamous "Three-Headed Monster" were out in New York this week: Eminem appeared on BET's "106 & Park" and brought out G-Unit General 50 Cent as a surprise guest to help share the triumph of Em's Relapse debuting at #1 on the Billboard albums chart.

"I think we're absolutely in a great space, considering his project is where it's at, #1. And it's working," 50 said about the "monster" that is him, Eminem and Dr. Dre. "Until they find a collaboration of artists that work together as well as we work together, I don't think we got issues."

50 said he and the two guys that signed him work so well together because everybody knows their roles.

"One of the most important portions of our relationships is us understanding our positions," Fif explained. "I'm like King Kong when I'm by myself, and when [me, Em and Dre] come back, come together, I'm actually the smallest person in our circle. I get a chance to be down to earth."

So if Fif is the hairy beast that terrified the natives of Skull Island as well as the visitors of the Empire State Building, Em says he's the creature that blew fire and stomped through Japan.

"Godzilla? Maybe Godzilla," Em smiled about what creature he might be. "I don't know. I think the best thing about the combination of me, 50 and Dre is that we take criticism from each other, we listen to input. We're always trying to do better."

So where was Dr. Dre? Maybe working. Both 50 and Slim Shady assured the live audience and the fans at home the legendary producer's long-awaited Detox album is well under way, and on its way.

"I heard eight records," 50 revealed. He also said that Dre has just under a dozen songs finished.

"There's probably 10 records," Eminem confirmed.


Eminem's Relapse Notches Biggest Billboard Debut Of 2009

Guess who's back? As if there were any question of whether Eminem could dominate the charts again after a near four-year absence, the rapper's return-to-form, Relapse, will crush the competition next week to take the #1 spot on the Billboard 200, thanks to the highest first-week bow of the year so far at 608,000.

How big was it? Even with seven other albums making their debuts in the top 10, Slim Shady sold nearly as many albums as the rest of the top 10 combined. According to figures provided by Nielsen SoundScan, last week's #1, Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown, dropped down a spot on sales of 166,000. Breakdown, the "Hannah Montana" soundtrack (#7, 58,000) and Lady Gaga's Fame (#8, 45,000) are the only holdovers from last week.

Among the new entries at the top: Kenny Chesney's Greatest Hits II (#3, 89,000), comedian Dane Cook's Isolated Incident (#4, 61,000), Busta Rhymes' Back On My B.S. (#5, 59,000), Method Man and Redman's Blackout 2 (#7, 57,000), Tori Amos' Abnormally Attracted to Sin (#9, 41,000) and Kate Voegele's A Fine Mess (#10, 37,000).

There was also plenty of debut action just outside the top 10, including a #13 bow for singer/songwriter Mat Kearney with City of Black & White (26,000). Live at Madison Square Garden from the dynamic classic-rock duo of Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton comes in just behind that with 23,000 in sales, and '80s star Lionel Richie seems to have enjoyed an "American Idol" bump that helped his new album, Just Go, land at #24 (19,000).

Speaking of "Idol," runner-up Adam Lambert might have come in second, but he will still manage to break into the charts at #33 with his 12-song Season 8 Favorite Performances iTunes EP (16,000), which includes his covers of "Mad World," "A Change Is Gonna Come," "Whole Lotta Love" and "The Tracks of My Tears." Meanwhile, winner Kris Allen's iTunes EP is a bit further behind at #50 (10,000), with his versions of "Falling Slowly," "Heartless," "What's Going On" and "All She Wants to Do Is Dance."

A second appearance on "Idol" this season also helped last year's winner, David Cook, whose self-titled debut jumps up nearly 30 spots (and more than 110 percent) to #29 on sales of 17,000, while season-two champ Ruben Studdard had a so-so debut for his new one, Love Is (#36, 15,000). The "Idol" bump didn't do wonders for creaky classic popster Rod Stewart, whose appearance on Wednesday night's finale was only good for a #52 debut for the Definitive Rod Stewart collection (10,000), or for comedian Steve Martin, whose debut music album, the bluegrass collection Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo, snuck in at #105 on sales of nearly 5,000 after an appearance on the "Idol" finale.

Ciara's Fantasy Ride is turning into a bit of a spin-out, as her latest drops 24 spots in its third week on the charts, shedding another 40 percent of business from the week before to land at #34 (16,000). The news is no better for rapper Cam'ron, whose Crime Pays plummets 64 percent in its second week, falling from #3 to #35 (15,000).

The charts shouldn't get too much of a shake-up next week: The biggest names on the horizon include long-in-the-tooth shock-rocker Marilyn Manson's latest, as well as albums from Mandy Moore and reggaeton superstars Wisin y Yandel.


Wednesday, May 27

Eminem Sold 601,863 Copies Of Relapse

Well now we know... Last week tons of big-name artists had their CDs hit stores and the numbers are finally in. Eminem debuted number one this week selling just over six-hundred thousand copies of his "Relapse" while Method Man & Redman's new LP hit the charts at #5. Busta Rhymes had his "Back On My B.S." album sell 56,016 copies, landing at number 7 while the next rapper on this weeks chart is Rick Ross, dropping 14 spots all the way down at number 25.

On the R&B tip, Beyonce loses 11 places as her "I Am... Sasha Fierce" album pushes another 15,655 copies while Ciara's "Fantasy Ride" is close behind with just over 15-thousand. American Idol winner Ruben Studdard has his "Love Is" album debuts in 34th while Jamie Foxx has his "Intuition" drop 15 spots to 37th.

Number Artist Album Sales
1 Eminem
5 Method Man & Redman Blackout 2 59,780
7 Busta Rhymes Back On My B.S. 56,016
25 Rick Ross Deeper Than Rap 18,598
27 Keri Hilson In A Perfect World 17,046
32 Beyonce I Am ... Sasha Fierce 15,655
33 Ciara Fantasy Ride 15,063
39 Cam'ron Crime Pays 13,190
37 Jamie Foxx Intuition 13,802
47 Jadakiss The Last Kiss 10,116

Source: RapBasement

Monday, May 25

Eminem Says Nick Cannon Misinterpreted Mariah Carey Dis

Is Eminem taking the high road? As odd as it seems, that's what the rapper did in answer to Nick Cannon's furious blog post responding to Em's apparent dis of Mariah Carey in a new track. Well, he's sort of taking the high road. He still is Slim Shady after all.

During an interview with BBC Radio 1 host Tim Westwood on Saturday, Eminem explained the song that sparked the ire of Carey's husband.

"With the song 'Bagpipes From Baghdad,' I kinda spazzed out on that record, but I guess I spazzed out on every record," Em told Westwood of the Relapse track. "There's a line on there that was a little harsh. It's a harsh line. ... But it's like this, the way I look at it: I had no idea he was gonna take it like he took it. I had no idea Nick Cannon was gonna start wildin' out on me. No pun intended."

Possibly in jest, Em said his lyrics — which include the lines, "Nick Cannon better back the f--- up. I'm not playing, I want her back, you punk," and, "Nick Cannon, you pr---, I wish you luck with that f---in' whore" — were misinterpreted. The rapper downplayed the situation, and his level tone seemed to be an attempt to diffuse any tension between himself and Cannon.

After hearing the leaked song, Cannon wrote a long, scathing post, calling the song "an act of racist bigotry" and threatening Eminem, "I'm going to make you wish you never spoke my name and regret the ungodly things you said about my wife."

Eminem admitted that he hadn't read Cannon's blog post but got wind of the message.

"I heard about some of the things he was saying," Em said. "I didn't read his blog or anything. But it is what it is. He's supposed to defend his wife, and I expected him to do that. But at the end of the day, it's a line I said; it's a song. What I actually meant to say is, I wish them the best. That's what I meant to say. That's the whole message of the record.

Asked how he'd feel about facing Cannon in a rap battle, Eminem didn't take the bait.

"I didn't plan on taking it to that level," Em said. "Hopefully, it doesn't. But it is what it is."

Saturday, May 16

Eminem In New Judd Apatow "Funny People" Movie

Eminem is everywhere now-adays, well at least it seems like it. Although he is currently at the start of his long-awaited return to the top of the music industry, Eminem is also returning to Hollywood. In the new issue of VIBE magazine, Eminem revealed that he recently shot a scene for the upcoming new movie from Judd Apatow ("Knocked Up," "The 40 Year Old Virgin") movie called "Funny People."

"I just did a cameo a few months ago with Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen in a Judd Apatow produced film," Eminem said. "It's called Funny People." In the new movie, Adam Sandler plays a famous comedian (what a strech) diagnosed with a life-threatening illness while Seth Rogen is an aspiring comedian who Sandler's character takes under his wing. The film is set to hit theaters on July 31st and will also star fellow rapper RZA, "Superbad" star Jonah Hill plus the always funny Sarah Silverman.

"I kinda do a little cameo in that," states Eminem, "which was fun by the way. And 8 Mile was not a fun movie to shoot." Slim Shady says the grueling production schedule of "8 Mile" may have contributed to his dependency on the prescription drug sleeping pill Ambien. "Will I end up doing another movie again?" he muses. "Probably yeah." 

Source: RapBasement

Friday, May 15

Eminem's 'Relapse: The Game' (Trailer)

Here's the trailer for Marshall's Relapse video game dropping this Tuesday, exclusively on iTunes. How's that for cross promotion? Ha!

Thursday, May 14

Eminem Signs Publishing Deal For 2 New Albums

With his upcoming "Relapse" album being his sixth studio album, not including his highly successful "8 Mile" film soundtrack or even his "Eminem Presents: The Re-Up" Shady Records compilation album, Eminem has of course fulfilled his contractual obligations with Universal Music Group, who owns Interscope Records.

So it's no surprise that Eminem signed a new worldwide publishing deal with Universal Music Group Publishing yesterday (May 12th). The new deal includes "Relapse" and it's sequel, obviously titled "Relapse 2." Eminem's long-time manager and business partner Paul Rosenberg recently said "We are excited about the future of our continued relationship with UMPG, and we look forward to many more years of chart-topping success together."

Source: RapBasement

Wednesday, May 13

Eminem Kept It Serious In His First MTV News Interview

As the May 19 release of Eminem's long-awaited Relapse album approaches, MTV News is taking a deep dive into our extensive Eminem archives and examining each phase of the MC's storied career. Here, we take a look at Eminem's first-ever MTV News interview.

Before the world knew who Slim Shady was, MTV News sat down with a fresh-faced Eminem backstage at Tramps nightclub in New York for his first-ever interview with the channel. It was 1999, and the newly signed Detroit lyricist was weighing in on a segment for the now-defunct show "MTV News 1515" titled "Whatever Happened to the White Rapper?" At the time, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst was fusing rock and rap, the Beastie Boys were leaning more toward punk, and Everlast left House of Pain to do his Whitey Ford thing.

Former MTV News producer Darin Byrne went around asking LL Cool J and Mos Def, among others, about the state of white rappers, and a few folks told him about this new kid Dr. Dre was working with.

"No one knew how he was spelling his name at the time," Byrne recalled. "The assumption was 'M&M,' like the candy."

Byrne set up a shoot with Em at an Outsidaz show in Manhattan. Royce Da 5'9" was also at the show. He and Em — an honorary Outsidaz member — were supporting the New Jersey collective during their performance. The very next day, Eminem's video for "My Name Is" would get a "first look" on "Total Request Live." The bleach-blond MC would soon go from underground sensation to international superstar.

Here, Byrne recalls the Shady one's early MTV News interviews, his first thoughts on the rapper's potential and what it was like doing the early interview with Eminem.

"My first few interviews with him, he talked about Tupac a lot, how he was his inspiration and his favorite rapper. Eminem was a lot more serious and a lot more guarded then. He's become a lot looser, and he's realized that he's a funny guy and he can use humor in interviews and stuff like that. But I remember when I interviewed him, he was a lot more serious and a lot more about being true to the game, so to speak.

"I thought he was very good. He reminded me a lot of — like his wordplay and flow and hearing him onstage — I thought he was like a white Nas. I honestly didn't think he was gonna become a superstar. Even though I heard 'My Name Is,' I didn't think it was gonna blow up as big as it did. And I didn't think he was gonna have that huge pop appeal. I thought 'My Name Is' was novelty. But lyrically and his flow both were very good. I didn't think he was like one of those Young Black Teenagers, 'Tap the bottle and twist the cap' type of rappers. I didn't think he was a flash in the pan.

"After interviewing him, I thought he would definitely have staying power, at least in the underground, because you saw the underground out there that night. I thought he was gonna have a couple of hits, but I didn't think he was gonna become the superstar that he became. ... When I heard 'The Way I Am' and 'Stan,' I thought they were both very good examples of songwriting. I felt like his ability to tap into that pulse of what's going on, that's when I was blown away. His ability to tap into what's going on culturally, and he's always been able to do that, tap that pulse. All good artists are gonna have staying power if they're able to do that. 'The Way I Am,' the way it came off, the ferocity of that song, especially when it came out, I think it was right after Columbine. It was taking chances.

"I've never been the kind of producer or reporter that likes to put me into the story. But it's always interesting when I talk about my career at MTV, that's one of the things that I mention. But for me, it was just about the right timing. I wanted to do a story about white rappers ... and he basically came in. Obviously, there was a void that he filled. I feel good about it, and I feel good about the shows we did on him. We did a show, 'American Made' with Sway, that was a very good show. I've always had a good relationship with [Em's] manager, Paul [Rosenberg]. And with Eminem, he's always been an artist that if you're objective and you tell the right story, he's gonna respect it. I've always respected that about Eminem and his camp.

"The fact that it's been 10 years since his first album, wow. It's been a minute for him now. It bugs me out to think about it that way. To see that kid in a white T-shirt at Tramps doing that interview in a background with graffiti all over the wall and to fast-forward to see where he is now, you got to tip your cap to him."

Source: MTV

Eminem's 'Beautiful' Hits iTunes

Eminem has gone on record about his battle with drug addiction in interviews with Vibe and XXL magazines recently. Now, the rapper's song "Beautiful," which premiered on iTunes on Tuesday (May 12), paints a vivid picture of the struggle he went through during his hiatus from hip-hop.

It's one of the most heartfelt recordings in Eminem's career. The song appears on his upcoming album, Relapse, due May 19. In his first-person narrative in Vibe, Em said the song is the only one he kept from the recordings he made during that dark period in his life. He's been sober for a year now, he said.

"There's only one song on the record that I produced. It's a track called 'Beautiful,' " he said in the magazine's June issue. "And one of the only reasons that I put that track on there is that I feel like it's the best song out of that batch that I did when I wasn't sober. At the time I felt like, 'This is it for me.' I wrote the first verse and a half in rehab, and when I came out, I finished it. It was the only song that marks that period without bringing me back to that place. Every other track not only didn't fit with the album, but when I listened to it, it would bring up bad memories."

The melancholy song samples Rock Therapy's "Reaching Out" and features Em revisiting his decisions over the past few years and how his life spiraled out of control.

"I'm just so f---ing depressed, I just can't seem to get out of this slump/ If I could just get over this hump/ But I need something to pull me out this dump," he raps on the track.

Tuesday, May 12

50 Cent On Eminem's Return: 'It's Great!'

Eminem's long-awaited Relapse LP is coming out on May 19 — one week from today — and we've got loads of Slim Shady material coming over the next couple of weeks. Who better to kick off our Eminem blitz than his biggest protégé, 50 Cent?

The excitement for Eminem's return is building fast as the May 19 release date for Relapse draws nearer. 50 Cent, for one, thinks that as more music becomes available to the public, the expectations, along with the anticipation, will also ramp up.

"It's great! I think you should expect it to go up," Fif explained. "I felt like those [single] choices ... personally, I think that the first single ['We Made You'], was one of his better records, lyrically. Obviously, he felt the same way. [But] he's got some records on this album that are way better, to me, 'cause there was so much material."

In addition to "We Made You," the rapper has put out "Crack a Bottle," featuring Dr. Dre and 50 Cent, as well as the dark, twisted "3 A.M."

On Tuesday (May 12), Eminem is set to release yet another song, "Beautiful," that will debut on iTunes. The track is the only one Em produced himself on the album, according to a recent interview he did with Vibe. Dr. Dre handled the bulk of the production on Relapse.

With Eminem back in the spotlight after a long hiatus — he's also prepping for his performance at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards — 50 scoffed at the notion that, as the more outgoing of the two, their mentor roles have reversed.

"Absolutely not," he said. "I don't advise him. When people see him as my mentor, that's the people who have been paying attention. The people who tuned in after he's been on hiatus, they just see 50 Cent. But a lot of times, the creative decisions before I present music to the public, I'll use him as a soundboard. And say, 'What do you think? Are you sure this is right?' 'Cause I don't have a lot of people I trust as much as Em, because he's already accomplished so much as an actual artist."

50 is set to release his long-awaited album Before I Self-Destruct following the release of Relapse. 

Source: MTV

Marshall Mathers Finally Tells All, In His Own Words!

That’s how long it’s been since Marshall Mathers III, 36, released a proper album. During his absence, rumors have swirled around Detroit’s favorite son: One of the best-selling and most beloved MCs of all-time was supposedly finished. An addict. Lost his gift. Not hot anymore.

And in those five years much has changed: Eminem’s best friend DeShaun “Proof” Holton was murdered in April 2006. Em married his high school sweetheart, Kim Scott, for the second time in 2006, but divorced her again three months later. In 2008, his mother, Debbie Nelson, released a tell-all, My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem: Setting the Record Straight On My Life As Eminem’s Mother (Phoenix).He released his autobiography, The Way I Am (Dutton, 2008), but, even then, wasn’t prepared to face his demons. Today he lives just outside of Detroit with his daughter, Hailie Jade, his niece Alaina, and other members of his extended family. On the eve of his return to the game and the release of his fifth album, Relapse (Aftermath/Interscope), Slim Shady is back—and finally ready to address the rumors once and for all.

I’ve come clean with some things to my family and to my friends, and I think it’s probably time for me to come clean with my fans, too. First of all, I’m gay…. Nah, just kidding.

It’s no secret I had a drug problem. I just don’t think my fans knew how bad it was. When I went to rehab in 2005 I went in for a sleep problem, or I guess a sleep problem is what I thought it was. But it was a drug problem and I wasn’t ready to admit it. I was taking Valium, Ambien, and Vicodin. And I was taking a lot. If I was to give you a number of Vicodin I would actually take in a day? Anywhere between 10 to 20. Valium, Ambien, the numbers got so high I don’t even know what I was taking. I barely made it through that Anger Management 3 tour [Summer  2005]. I got by on the skin of my teeth. I had a rehab doctor that was seeing me through to where I could just take enough to not get sick and be able to sleep at night. The whole idea was, Get me through the tour, through these last couple of weeks, and then I’ll check myself in. 

When I went into rehab everyone else was ready for me to go, but I wasn’t. Rehab was a really bad experience for me. Just being a celebrity and shit, I felt like a fish out of  water. It was like, I don’t have a problem. Everybody else has a problem. I’m a grown man, I should be able to do what I wanna do. That’s the things that addicts go through in their mind. I stayed in rehab for probably two weeks—then I checked myself out.

Needless to say, I relapsed. I started taking Vicodin the week after I got home, so I was probably clean for three weeks. Then I started back with the NyQuil. I had a problem with NyQuil even though it’s an over-the-counter thing, it’s a serious trigger for me. I’d try to knock myself out but sometimes if you drink too much it would have the reverse effect and keep you up. So I’m right back on the phone with the dopeman trying to get Valium or whatever I could to sleep.

The problem was bad already, but when the Proof thing happened, it got really bad. It’s not an excuse to use drugs, but man, if I ever had a reason…. It was an excuse for me to just say, Fuck it. I just went all out with it. It got worse and worse to the point where I was getting it from anywhere I could. I had friends—or so-called friends—that were using the same shit that I was. They’d give me shit and I’d stockpile it.

So one day, this was right before Christmas of 2007, I got ahold of some pills. Somebody gave me some pills that were blue and they were shaped like Vicodin. I went to him looking for anything with codeine in it—Tylenol 3s, 4s, but they gave me these blue pills. They told me, Take these, these are just like Vicodin, only they’re easier on your liver. I remember taking one in the car on the way home, and I was like, Whoa, this is fuckin’ great. I didn’t even ask what it was. I’m like, This makes you mellow and it’s easier on your liver? I got a new drug of choice.

Within a day or two I was back askin’ for more. This time I probably got 15 to 20 of ’em. I think that day I took half. Toward the evening, I remember not being able to get out of bed. I literally couldn’t move. People said that I was actin’ weird that day—actin’ real slow and shit.

I think I slept from 3 in the afternoon ’til 10 o’clock. That’s when I remember waking up and I couldn’t move. I was like, Fuck it, I’ll just lay here. I woke up the next day at noon. I literally slept all the way from 3, 4 in the afternoon ’til noon the next day.

So I get up and I’m like, Okay well, I’m straight…I’m gonna take more. I took half the first day, then I took another half the second day. And the last thing I remember is trying to use the bathroom. I remember standing up to take a piss and I just fell over backward. Smack my back on the trash can, break the trash can. And I get up again, and this time I fall over the other way, to the side. I remember that the bathroom floor was cold. And I remember trying to crawl over to a rug. I got to the rug, and that’s the last thing that I remember. There are some things I have to keep to myself when telling this part of the story for personal reasons.

I woke up in the hospital. The doctor told me those mysterious new pills were methadone, which is used to wean heroin addicts off dope. Had I known it was methadone, I probably wouldn’t have taken it. But as bad as I was back then, I can’t even say 100 percent for sure.

I wasn’t only depressed about Proof, I was depressed about my music in general. All I was taking was downers, strictly sedatives. My mood made my music depressing. And in turn, the depressing music made my mood depressed. My brain was thinking slow. My flow, my cadence, everything was just slow. Every record that I made was, Woe is me, and my life is so fucked and everything is wrong.... 

I overdosed, and I was in the hospital for a week detoxing. My doctor told me the amount of methadone I’d taken was equivalent to shooting up four bags of heroin. Even when they told me I almost died, it didn’t click. I was pretty much in a coma for two days. All I remember was just peacefully sleeping and waking up in the hospital like, What the fuck is going on? There’s tubes in me, there’s all kinds of shit in me.

When you’re told you almost died, in an addict’s brain, this particular addict was thinking, Well I didn’t die, so I’m okay. WHEW! I got lucky. Thank you, God. God, please just please get me through this and I’ll never use again. But lo and behold… 

The official word was I had pneumonia. Thing is, I really did have pneumonia; I had taken so many pills that my immune system wasn’t functioning right. They told me that if I’d gotten to the hospital two hours later, I would have died, because I fucked my kidneys and liver up so bad. My kidneys had almost completely shut down. They were ready to put me on dialysis.

Now I’m in the hospital over Christmas, so my girls have waited to open presents. They’re waiting for Dad to get back home. I didn’t wanna scare them any more than I already did and obviously I felt horrible about the situation. I detoxed for a week, which wasn’t enough. I was home for a day. The next day I ended up having a seizure from withdrawals.

I never had a seizure before. It almost felt like an out-of-body type of thing. I was sitting there eating a piece of chicken and I felt weak, almost too weak to pick up the piece of chicken. And the next thing I know I’m on the floor; the ambulance was there to get me. Anyway, I go back to the hospital, because they said I hadn’t detoxed safely. But this hospital wasn’t as private about my business. That’s when the rumors started floatin’ around about a possible overdose.

Read Em's story in its entirety in the June '09 issue of VIBE on newsstands nationwide.

Source: Vibe

Credit: Eva

Eminem To Get Animated With Stewie Griffin From 'Family Guy'

'I'm a big fan of talking babies and their humor,' Em says of his cartoon co-hosting gig on Sunday.

Eminem has been many things, from a world-famous, multiplatinum rapper to an Academy Award winner. He was once even animated into a series of cartoon shorts. Now, Eminem is taking his animated career even further, co-hosting Fox's "animation domination" programming block with none other than Stewie Griffin from "Family Guy."

"It was a thrill to work with Stewie," Eminem said in a press release. "I'm a big fan of talking babies and their humor."

The seemingly unlikely pair are teaming up to make a MySpace music announcement Sunday night (MySpace and Fox are owned by the same parent company, News Corporation). Perhaps it will be a surprise/secret MySpace concert, or maybe just Eminem thanking you for the friend add. Only time will tell.

Of course, that's not the only connection Stewie has to rap music. Back in 2003, he guest-starred on the MTV News VMA preshow to review some of the nominees. We couldn't help but pull that clip out of the vault and dust it off while we get psyched for Shady's announcement on Sunday.

If that's not enough Eminem for you, get your fill when Marshall does three nights of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" He'll be keeping America up late Friday, Tuesday (the day his Relapse album is released) and the following Friday, with that last performance live via satellite from Detroit.

Source: MTV

Eminem On Jimmy Kimmel Live

There were rumors going around that Eminem would appear on the late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel live multiple times this month. Well now the appearances have been confirmed. Eminem will make three stops this month starting with this Friday (May 15th) hitting the stage at about 12:05am on ABC.

Next week Eminem will be back on the show Tuesday, May 19th, the day as his much anticipated album "Relapse" hits stores. The third and final apperance is on Friday (May 22nd) that will include two live performances from Slim Shady's home town of Detroit, Michigan.

Eminem's "Relapse" Tarnishes The Alchemist's Effort, "I Wanted To Throw [My Album] Away"

Eminem's official deejay, The Alchemist, recently spoke on what fans should expect from the upcoming release of Relapse and how it could possibly become an instant classic. Promising a full release of Dr. Dre beats, Al said Em stepped his rhymes up for each track this time around.
"I just got back from Detroit, was with Em for like three or four days working," Al explained. "Got a chance to listen to the whole album and man, I love my album and it's coming out in mid-June, when he played his album I wanted to throw mine away, straight up... Like when he was playing me the album, like, I didn't wanna say it 'cause I was like thinking of his whole body of work and I was like, 'This might be some of his best body of work,' in my opinion. It's 16 Dr. Dre beats, it's like Em kinda decided, I'm assuming, when was the last time you heard a full production of Dr. Dre's music through and through, minus one joint, Em did one joint. The attention Dre put on those beats is the equivalent to the attention Em put on to the writing."

Source: SOHH & RapRadar

Monday, May 11

Eminem Is A Real Shady Character As He Dons Mexican Wrestling Mask

If he wanted to be left alone then surely Eminem could have found a more discreet disguise than this.

The rapper was so keen to keep a low profile he wore a Mexican wrestling mask as he walked around London, before asking Selfridges department store to open after hours so he could shop alone.

The American rapper, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, picked up the mask while shopping in Covent Garden.
He had nipped into a comic book and memorabilia shop in the touristy area.

Eminem is in Europe to promote his new album Relapse after a gap of five years.

He'll have to get used to being approached if he reenters the music world after the prolonged break.

He is a rich man anyway, but the egocentric in him will be hoping to match the success of his his third major album Eminem Show, released in 2002, which sold one million copies in its first week of release.
That was thanks largely to the success of Without Me, the song from which the lyrics 'Guess who's back, Shady's back' hail.

In a provocative video for his new single, We Made You, the white rapper has a dig at a host of stars, including Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.

In deliberately over the top scenes, Eminem mocks La Wino and her relationship with estranged jailbird husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

The 36-year-old raps: 'You’re my Amy I’m your Blake' on the Dr Dre-produced track.

Source: DailyMail & TheSun

Credit: Alya

Friday, May 8

Eminem Gives Track-By-Track Info With "Prelapse"

Owning a radio station has it's perks, like easily promoting your own album. Eminem will be holding a "Prelapse" on his Shade45 Sirius radio station on May 15th at 8 p.m. Eastern time. The three-hour special will feature Eminem taking fans and listeners on a track-by-track tour of his new album "Relapse."

Eminem will give an analysis and provide behind the scenes commentary (track-by-track) for his mighty return tot he top of the music business after overcoming tragedy, loss and confronting his own demons. The special will be hosted by Shade45's own program director Reef and provide a candid look at Eminem as he reflects on his life, career and his future.

Rebroadcasts of The Prelapse Special on shade 45

  • Sat. 5/16 @ 12am
  • Sat. 5/16 @ 2pm
  • Sun. 5/17 @ 1pm and again @ 8pm
  • Mon. 5/18 @ 12pm
  • Tues. 5/19 @ 12am

Wednesday, May 6

Eminem Readying Relapse iPhone Game

Eminem might have been quiet for the past few years, but get prepared for a full-on Marshall Mathers assault over the next few weeks. In addition to the recent horror-homage video for "3 A.M.," the Detroit rapper is apparently also working on an iPhone game to accompany his upcoming comeback album, Relapse.
Based on a Tweet from Em that was blasted out on Sunday, the "Relapse" game continues the ghoulish look and feel of the "3 A.M." clip. The Tweet, which read "Relapse iPhone game coming along nicely," was accompanied by an image of the game, in which a buff mini-Em is seen wielding a 2-by-4 as he approaches a bloody-faced zombie in what looks like a decrepit hotel lobby.

Behind him is a female zombie, and from the looks of it, Slim Shady is not messing around when it comes to bashing in undead skulls. A spokesperson for the rapper did not return calls seeking confirmation of the game's development, but according to Em's Web site, the application will drop on May 19, which just happens to coincide with the release of the Relapse album.

Given the ultra-violent content of the "3 A.M." clip, it will be interesting to see if the Em game gets held up, considering that an iPhone app from Nine Inch Nails recently was rejected because it contained a streaming version of the band's song "The Downward Spiral," which Apple said featured "objectionable content.

Tuesday, May 5

Eminem And Dr. Dre's 'Old Time's Sake' Leaks One Day Early

It wasn't supposed to drop until Tuesday, but you know how these things go. With such high-profile artists as Eminem and Dr. Dre, there's no such thing as releasing music on its proper date. The latest track off of Slim Shady's upcoming Relapse, "Old Time's Sake," has already leaked online.

"Crack a Bottle" has a cruising vibe. "We Made You" is Em coming with his satirical slapstick, and "3 A.M." is maniacal. But "Old Time's Sake" has more of a party vibe. Produced by Dre, the record has the familiar West Coast bounce, and the Doc himself leads it off with a simple sing-songy flow — and very adult content.

"I'm Dre from back in the day/ From N.W.A./ From black and the gray from," the Cali legend raps. "Choking a bi---, from smacking her face from/ Stacking up bodies/ To packing the Ks up."

Dre insists that there is still no competition for him and his Detroit friend.

"Speak of the devil, it's attack of the Rain Man," Em comes in with his patented, almost Caribbean-sounding cadence. "Chainsaw in hand, bloodstain on my apron. ..."

On the chorus, Em asks Dre: "So one more time for old time's sake/ Dre drop that beat and scratch that break/ Just send a little bit of that smoke my way, and let's go."

There is no word yet on whether or not Em and Dre will shoot a video for the new song, but the record will be officially available on iTunes on Tuesday. On May 12, iTunes will release yet another Relapse single, this one titled "Beautiful." A week from that date, we all know what time it is: the long-anticipated launch of the full Relapse.

On Saturday, Cinemax premiered the video for "3 A.M." In it, Slim Shady appears out of his mind. The rapper's character talks to a naked mannequin and takes a bath in a tub filled with blood and corpses, but not before he chops off people's fingers

Source: MTV

Eminem Admits He 'Almost Died' From Drug Overdose

The iconic MC tells Vibe magazine in its forthcoming issue that during a relapse, he overdosed on pills he acquired from an "acquaintance" and almost became one of music's greatest casualties.

"My doctor told me those mysterious new pills were methadone, which is used to wean heroin addicts off dope," he told the mag in its forthcoming "Real Rap" issue.

"Had I known it was methadone, I probably wouldn't have taken it. But as bad as I was back then, I can't even say 100 percent for sure. My doctor told me the amount of methadone I'd taken was equivalent to shooting up four bags of heroin. Even when they told me I almost died, it didn't click."

Em admitted to the publication that he was an addict and through his uncontrolled dependence, he began to identify with his mother, with whom he's had several public battles over the last decade.

"It's no secret I had a drug problem," he said. "If I was to give you a number of Vicodin I would actually take in a day? Anywhere between 10 to 20. Valium, Ambien, the numbers got so high I don't even know what I was taking."

After suffering a knee injury that required surgery, he was not prescribed painkillers, which led him to search his house for drugs he'd hidden.

"I started looking around my house to see if I had a stash box of Vicodin," he said. "I'm ransacking my house, finally find something in the basement, in a little napkin, seven and a half Vicodin — the big extra-strength ones — and a few Valium." He relapsed, and soon admitted he was an addict.

"It never once hit me that drug addiction runs in my family," he said. "Now that I understand that I'm an addict, I definitely have compassion for my mother. I get it."

Eminem told the magazine that he's been sober for a year, and that making his forthcoming LP, Relapse, due May 19 — from which "Old Time's Sake," a new song featuring Dr. Dre, leaked on Monday (May 4) — "I wanted to make an overall statement — I'm back. It was a slow process. You gotta remember I hadn't recorded a song sober in seven years. So it took me awhile to even feel like I could record a song sober ... I don't know the last time I shot a video sober, without drinking or taking anything. It's been years.

"I almost feel like a little kid again with rap," he continued. "I wanna play around with different flows. If I don't feel like it's what I'm fully capable of, if there's one weak line, I wanna change it. Rap was my drug. It used to get me high and then it stopped getting me high. Then I had to resort to other things to make me feel that. Now rap's getting me high again."

Source: MTV

Saturday, May 2

"Relapse" Pill Bottles

With Eminem's new album "Relapse" getting closer by the day (currently we have 17 days left), more and more promotional items are becoming available. Check out the new "Relapse" pill bottles below! (Don't worry, they are mints)

Friday, May 1

Lloyd Banks Responds To Rick Ross' Eminem Dis

'He's been in out of pocket too many times,' Banks says of Ross' slurs and insults.

G-Unit's Lloyd Banks has been at odds with Rick Ross since the Miami MC And now that Ross has been hinting at battling Eminem, Banks says that Ross has gone too far.

"As far as calling out Eminem, c'mon man. That's just gonna make me spank on you even harder," Banks said Thursday (April 30), before revealing that he has another diss record coming for Ross, who he slammed with his recent "Officer Down" track.

"I got 'Officer Down, Part II' coming. He'll have to deal with that," Banks added.

To backtrack, on Thursday Rick Ross released a video from St. Maarten, where he is vacationing after his Deeper Than Rap LP debuted at #1 on the Billboard albums chart this week. He then turned his attention to the G-Unit/ Shady camp, who recently put out a video by Banks and DJ Whoo Kid promoting their new 4-30-09: Happy Birthday, Vol. 4 mixtape. In it, Whoo Kid admonished Ross for calling the Unit "monkeys."

"You know now they saying 'monkey' could be [a] black-on-black racial [situation]," Ross says to his friend Gunplay in the video.

"Cut it out, that's racial. You can't call other black people monkeys," Whoo Kid said.

In Thursday's video, Ross took the slur to Eminem.

"The only way I could fix that — Eminem you're a monkey," Ross said in his video. "He's really a honky [pronounced to rhyme with 'monkey'], but that's racial. You n---as monkeys. The world knows you're monkeys."

Banks didn't take kindly to the Em insults.

"As far as calling out Eminem, you're not in the top 10 lyricists nowhere," Banks said. "So just sit down, man. We seen what Em can do. Em's in a whole 'nother lane. How do you go from praising somebody in one interview to calling him a 'monkey' in the next? He's been in out of pocket too many times. We'll see where his future goes. It doesn't look too bright, if you ask me."

Banks also said that Ross has nothing to be proud of as far as Deeper Than Rap's first-week sales go.

"First of all, his first week [sales] was 150 thousand and change," Banks said. "That was with two or three months of promotion, beefing with the most popular rapper there is right now outside of Eminem. There is no bigger promotion than that.

"He reminds me of 12 or 13 year old," Banks added. "You know he's always lying. He said he spoke to [G-Unit employee] Nelson [allegedly about offering Ross money to end the beef], and it already was put out there you didn't speak to him. Then you say, 'I took the [prison-guard] position because my boss asked' him to. They didn't need you to go to the penitentiary to make a buck. C'mon."

Despite his response to Ross, Banks was actually in a great mood: It's his 27th birthday, he just released the Happy Birthday mixtape, and "Officer Down" has been a stronger seller on iTunes.

"If [Ross] responds, it benefits me," Banks said. "It goes straight to iTunes. I found a way to make money off a beef." 

Source: MTV

Trailer For Eminem's Homicidal '3 A.M.' Video Hits The Internet

Watch 3 A.M. Trailer

Eminem just needs some time to think ... alone ... and apparently without clothes on. The trailer for his new "3 A.M." video hit the Net Thursday, and the Detroit rapper plays a psychotic, homicidal wild man on the loose.

As the trailer begins, we see a shot of a man that looks to be Em, sitting naked on a chair in an empty room. From there, we see images of a dead body on the floor and Em lying in a bed in a room with blood-splattered walls. Shortly after, we see a nurse walking down a hallway and flashes of chaotic scenes, such as a very in-shape Em running through the woods with a confused look on his face, neck covered in blood.

The images in the video were obviously inspired by the maniacal lyrics of the song, in which Slim Shady raps about everything from Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus to drinking blood.

"Wake up naked in McDonald's with/ Blood all over me /Dead bodies behind the counter, sh--/ Guess I must have blacked-out again/ Not again ... I wonder what's on the tube/ Maybe they'll show some boobs/ Surfing every channel/ Until I find "Hannah Montana"/ Then I reach for the aloe and lanolin."

"3 A.M." was directed by Syndrome and will debut on Cinemax on Saturday, May 2, at 10 p.m. right before the film, "The Strangers." "3 A.M." is the second release off of Relapse, in stores May 19.