Friday, January 23

Eminem, dr dre, 50 cent, relapse,We asked whose comeback you were most looking forward to in 2009 and you answered Slim Shady…Eminem is the artist whose return you can’t wait for- according to our MTV poll.47% of votes went to Marshall Mathers- who is expected to release his Relapse album in Spring this year.Tell us which band you'd like to reform for 2009 in our new poll hereEm’ has already leaked I’m Having A Relapse and Crack A Bottle from the record to get fans excited.In second and third place in the poll are Shady’s two mates Dr Dre (with 15%) and 50 Cent (14%).Indie bands didn’t fare so well in the MTV News survey with Franz Ferdinand and Blur both getting less than 5% of votes.
Eminem: 47%
50 Cent: 14%
Dr Dre: 15%U2: 5%
Lily Allen: 12%
Franz Ferdinand: 3%
Blur: 4%

Eminem’s “Crack a Bottle” featuring Dr. Dre and 50 Cent is the top debut at # 78, marking the rapper’s first appearance on the Hot 100 since “You Don’t Know” peaked at No. 12 in December ‘06. Dr. Dre’s absence has been even longer; he last charted as a guest on Eminem’s “Encore” in January ‘05.

50 Cent says that Eminem's upcoming and highly-anticipated album, "Relapse," is almost done. "His new album is almost actually done. I went to Detroit to mix my song 'I Get It In' with Dr. Dre [and] Eminem is currently mixing his album right now. It won't be more than maybe 2 weeks before they start trying to figure out when they will start scheduling the release of his actual project," 50 says.When asked if he will be on Eminem's new album, the G-Unit general replied “Of course! I will be all over the record, you kidding me? You think I won't take advantage of the opportunity for everybody to look at me and listen to me," 5th joked. "Yes I will!"Previously Eminem talked about the new album saying “Me and [Dr.] Dre are back in the lab like the old days, man. Just him banging away on tracks and me getting that little spark that makes me write to it. I don’t have chemistry like that with anyone else as far as producers go, not even close.” Eminem went on to clear rumors of a follow up to "Stan" saying “There isn’t a ‘Stan 2,’ and there won’t be. Stan drove his car off a bridge and I’m not writing a song as Stan’s ghost. That would just be really corny.”

Thursday, January 15

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