Wednesday, May 15

Chris Rock Speaks On Working With Eminem On His New Album

As stated earliar chris rock was in studio with eminem.They are probably doing a beats by drdre commercial.
In the following interview when asked what was chris rock doing in the studio with eminem,chris rock remained muted.He said maybe it was for an eminem record or kanye record.

Check out the video : chris rock speaks on working with eminem

Friday, May 10

Eminem to collab with Chris Rock for a commercial

As reported earliar, chris rock was seen hanging out with eminem in the studio.There was prediction that chris rock and eminem would do a song together.
But chris rock and eminem are doing a Beats by Dr Dre commercial.
eminem with chris rock

Wednesday, May 8

Eminem in the studio with chris rock

eminem with chrisrock
Chris rock recently tweeted this picture of him and eminem hanging out in the studio.Does that mean they would record a track together.

Eminem with his half brother Nate

Here are the latest pictures of eminem hanging out with his half brother nate. They were spotted at an italian restaurant.