Saturday, May 14

Nick Cannon to Punchline Magazine: “I forgive Eminem”

Nick Cannon returns to his roots tomorrow night, as his first-ever stand-up comedy special, Mr. Showbiz, premieres on Showtime at 9 pm EST. Most people today know the 30-year-old star from his work on Nickelodeon, in movies and on the radio– and yes, most recently, as the husband of Mariah Carey– and now, father to her newborn twins.

And in his special, Cannon thankfully doesn’t shy away from talking about any of it. He’s open, honest and funny about the life he leads. There’s no excuses and no apologies. He even addresses the public feud he had with Eminem a few years ago when the rapper released a song wherein he claims he dated Carey and ultimately calls her a “whore.”

During a recent chat with Nick about Mr. Showbiz, we got on the subject of Eminem. We wanted to know if things were still tense between the two celebs. “At this point, it’s like I don’t really take it seriously anymore, Cannon tells Punchline Magazine. “If that dude ever did have any ill will towards me or my wife, it’s like, you know, I forgive him, I love him for it. I’m supposed to love my enemies, so I can’t even be worried about that. I can’t be mad at dude no more.”

Source:-Punchline Magazine


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