Wednesday, May 19

Bizarre Talks Eminem, New D12 & More

With his new solo album, "Friday Night At St Andrews," hitting stores TOMORROW, Bizarre recently talkeda bout the status of his D12 group and their leader, Eminem. "All the different projects, music, emotions, the tragedies and all the things that happened to the group -- all these things add up. On my new (solo) record, you'll feel it and other things will be addressed on the new D12 record," Biz promised in an interview. "Right now it's time for Marshall to do his thing, and I got my solo album. We might put out a mixtape soon, but we kind of want everybody's full attention when we make the new D12 record, which we hope will drop before the end of the year. Even though everybody's (right now) kind of doing their own thing, it doesn't even matter if we don't see each other for a month or two. We've been through some serious situations together, so much, but it's still there. Today we're smarter guys, more business-oriented, but once we're back in the studio and we're back on the radio, it's like no other -- pure magic."


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