Wednesday, May 19

50 Cent Gets Eminem's Opinion First

50 Cent recently talked about his relationship with Eminem, saying how much he considers Eminem's opinion of his music. The G-Unit general explains how he's different from Eminem when it comes to dealing with fame. "Me and Em, we deal with things completely different," Fif explained in an interview with television host Reggie. "He would probably rather not be famous, have finances and have normalcy at the same time. But I understand the fair exchange -- in exchange with not being able to walk in the mall and shop, I can afford to buy whatever I want in the mall, that's a fair exchange. I can't walk to go get it but I can have it, 'and' I can send somebody to come get it, that's not bad. You rarely see Eminem come out, when you see me so much they feel like I'm the number one hip-hop artist. I didn't have a record sell 23 million copies, one CD. So when I talk to him, I use him as my sound board for balance. I play my music for him to see his response, to see what he thinks. [He hears everything first,] yeah. If you made a record that sold 23 million, you might know something. [laughs] Wouldn't you agree on that? I play him the records and get his response."


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