Friday, October 9

MTV Tries To Explain Eminem's Omission And Fails (Jay-Z Agrees)

Recently MTV posted an article Why Isn't Eminem In The Hottest MCs Top 10? Since posting their 'List' MTV has been getting blasted for not including Eminem, even from their #1 Hottest MC, Jay-Z. "Eminem?!?! I think you do the credibility of this list a disservice if you don’t thoroughly explain his omission. As of this second he has the highest selling rap album of the year and a scene stealing verse on the best ‘posse’ cut of the year," Jay wrote to MTV.
So once again, we will use quotes from MTV to show how they not only were wrong but constantly contridict themselves. In their response, they said the list was based on...

MIC SKILLS - Did they not hear "UNDERGROUND" from ''Relapse,' which was one of his most lyrical and hungry songs in years. Let's not forget his diss towards Mariah Carey ‘THE WARNING’ which is arguably his hardest diss in years, even if it was to some of the softest peops in the game (Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon)

BUZZ - Anytime there is a single word mentioning Eminem as a feature or a producer, people come storming in requesting and commenting. Even with false rumors like the whole ‘Eminem Gets Fat’ thing, the stories and headlines start buzzing immedietly.

COMMERCIAL SUCCESS (SALES AND AIRPLAY) – Eminem had the highest selling first week this year along with going platinum in 2 weeks. Relapse was #1 in sales in over 14 countries (Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Polish, Taiwan, UK, US) not to mention the first single from Relapse ‘Crack a Bottle’ was #1 on the charts in both US and Canada.

BUSINESS VENTURES – Anyone ever heard of Shade 45 (highest rated hip hop channel on satelite radio) or Shady Records? (which happens to include 50 CENT, one of their hottest mcs)

WEB PRESENCE – NO other Rap artist has as many fan and other sites dedicated to them. It doesn't matter what music site you go to you will see Eminem somewhere.

IMPACT – Last years hottest MC was Lil Wayne. Eminem has such impact on Lil Wayne that he numerous times throughout the year begged for a Collaboration with Slim Shady. Eventually the two got together on ‘Forever’ (featuring Drake and Kanye West as well). So from last years hottest mc, to one of the newest mc’s in the game (Asher Roth) artists have expressed HUGE thanks to Eminem for his impact and contributions to Hip Hop even giving him the hope of becoming a rapper one day.

ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE MOMENT NOT AN ENTIRE CAREER - what about winning MTV's own 'Best Hip Hop Video' award?

The only real reason that MTV could use for not including Eminem took himself out of of the public eye after releasing his "Relapse" album. That means that appearing on BOTH MTV's "Movie Awards" and "Video Music Awards" plus taking over Jimmy Kimmel Live, appearing on BET's shows, multiple interviews on his Shade45 and even releasing three music videos, doesn't factor in.

MTV then says timing was an issue stating... "If the Brain Trust had compiled the Hottest list back in May, there's no doubt Eminem would have made the Top 10," yet they included Kanye West and Lil Wayne who both had albums come out BEFORE Eminem, not to mention including Drake, who doesn't even have an album out yet.

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