Tuesday, June 23

Moby Happy to Have Fallen Off Eminem's Radar

Moby may not have the massive sales he once did but the dance music star has found a silver lining in that cloud -- namely being able to avoid highly publicized feuds. "One of the good things about not being a gigantic superstar in the United States is that I can say terribly inappropriate things and luckily it's kind of underneath everybody's radar," he told Spinner during a recent interview. "Like when I had that feud with Eminem, one of the ways that started was because I was doing interviews like MTV or 'Entertainment Tonight,' and I said stuff that I thought maybe was mildly controversial and then all of a sudden there's this huge feud that I have no idea how it started."

These days, Moby has even grown to admire his former nemesis. "I have quite a lot of respect for his talent, and I think as a public figure it's pretty remarkable how he came from nowhere and became one of the most biggest controversial figures on the planet," Moby says. "And I had a lot of respect for the song and video 'Mosh' 'cause it came out around the 2004 elections and it was really critical of the war in Iraq and the Bush administration, and I thought for him, given his demographic, that was very courageous to do."

But mostly, Moby is happy to just be ignored by the rap superstar. "I think he saves his wrath for like active, famous, well-known public figures, and I think I've fallen off his radar," he says. "Thank goodness I'm not really worthy of his ire."



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