Friday, May 8

Eminem Gives Track-By-Track Info With "Prelapse"

Owning a radio station has it's perks, like easily promoting your own album. Eminem will be holding a "Prelapse" on his Shade45 Sirius radio station on May 15th at 8 p.m. Eastern time. The three-hour special will feature Eminem taking fans and listeners on a track-by-track tour of his new album "Relapse."

Eminem will give an analysis and provide behind the scenes commentary (track-by-track) for his mighty return tot he top of the music business after overcoming tragedy, loss and confronting his own demons. The special will be hosted by Shade45's own program director Reef and provide a candid look at Eminem as he reflects on his life, career and his future.

Rebroadcasts of The Prelapse Special on shade 45

  • Sat. 5/16 @ 12am
  • Sat. 5/16 @ 2pm
  • Sun. 5/17 @ 1pm and again @ 8pm
  • Mon. 5/18 @ 12pm
  • Tues. 5/19 @ 12am


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